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23 February 2007

CALIFORNIA, USA - Prestegious news sources confirm that, Anna Nicole-Smith is, in fact, dead.

This is a relevant fucking news story, people!

In the current aftermath of this entirely socially relevant bimbo's croaking, a judge has ruled in favor of her burial in the Bahamas (and in favor of "I still would hit it"). The great American media, with its upmost journalistic integrity, has committed to keeping its EYE ON THE BALL on this one!

It has been discovered that the wealthy hustler had an opiate in her refrigerator! And I bet she even overdosed on that opiate, and that's why the miserable and balls-rich bimbo passed away! OMG! It is predicted this story may continue for months, as finding out the penile origins of her newly shat-out daughter is a pressing news story which may take some time to come to its final result.

Other stuff is probably going on in the world too, with bombs, or state-sponsored torture, or something like that.

In related news, Mother Nature's attempt to maintain cosmic balance resulted in the birth of a retarded horse.