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20 March 2008

USA--Bill O'Reilly's many years as a TV personality has finally paid off. Today, officials from Fox News (known as Hell to most Americans) will announce that the 60-year-old...no wait, 70...80? Er, that he will win the 'Funniest Comedy' award for 2007.

Bill O'Reilly during one of his typical hilarious rants.

O'Reilly has been jokingly reporting news for about a decade, competing for laughs with such comedians as Sean Hannity and Chris Matthews. Many pundits have attributed this upstart victory to his recent jokes about Senator Barack Obama and his Reverend, Jeremiah Wright.

"He's just so hilarious," said judge, Bob White. "I mean, you don't get quality humour like 'What really goes on in black churches' or satire books like 'Culture Warrior' much these days. Bill 'Asshole' O'Reilly sure is a card!" He then broke into laughter and imploded.

The award was highly contested. Sean Hannity, who served on the same news network as O'Reilly, made a serious effort to win, even going so far as to make a complete fool of himself.

"The Obama campaign has rejected the endorsement of the Black Panther party," he joked yesterday in a last-ditch attempt to overtake his opponents, indicating one of 800,000 anonymous, un-checked users on Barack Obama's website with the name New Black Panther Party.

"The lack of logic in his jokes does have its charm," Bob White admitted, shaking his head in amusement at the clip. "But O'Reilly's willingness to just rant about absolutely nothing for an hour is much more deserving of the award."

More information when it becomes available.