UnNews:Celine Dion reveals her self as "skeleton pirate ghost" to stunned fans

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17 December 2007

A resplendant Celine Dion yesterday, if you like that sort of thing.

BUCK TOOTHED DIVA Celine Dion took her final bow in Las Vegas by sensationally revealing herself to be a skeleton pirate ghost! Performing to a sold-out crowd in Caesars Palace, the Canadian diva whipped off her skin, donned a skull and cross-bones hat, eye patch and brandished a "bloodied cutlass".

After a long standing ovation from dedicated fans who initially thought it some kind of sick joke, Celine was joined onstage by the pirate ghost of Captain Blackbeard who, along side a wicked crew of other pirate-ghosts, went on to rob much of the audience of their cash and valuables. Those that resisted were "fed to the sharks".

Fans were stunned by the transformation, "it was kind of like a reverse scooby doo episode" said one terrified fan last night, "she blooming well did get away with it too, with my bloody cash AND gold rolex watch that is!"

Celine Dion was, perhaps unsurprisingly, unavailable for comment and was last seen clumsily chasing a "terrified"scruffy young man and large brown dog.