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31 March 2008

Harare, Zimbabwe

In an extraordinary turn of events Chuck Norris has been elected President of Zimbabwe beating the incumbent Robert "The Rock" Mugabe who leaves office after just 83 years in power.

Tsunami for Norris

Election observers were stunned, many had expected MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai to be elected. Mr Norris' election was even more surprising as he was not originally on the ballot. When preliminary results were posted outside polling stations from Manicaland to Bulawayo it seems that voters had spontaneously added Norris' name to the ballot and then voted for him.

The resulting landslide has been described as a Tsunami for Mr Norris.

In a statement Mr Tsvangirai said, "I'm happy with the outcome as I have been a huge martial arts fan since learning to defend myself following the vicious beatings I endured last year"

Mr Mugabe was not available for comment directly, but a spokesman read out a brief statement from him "I Shall Return...MWHAHAHAHA."