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18 June 2009

"That was Aunt Edith's idea, you friggin' plagiarists! (Well, and my cousin's...)"
"That was Our Leader's idea, you friggin' plagiarists! (Well, and my cousin's...)"
"That was Benjamin Netanyha's idea, you friggin' plagiarists! (Well, and my cousin's...)"

Earth, The Sol System - UnNews Reporters Romartus and Clemens177, as well as Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, the staff of every news agency from the New York Times to the Pitcairn Island Gazette, and Edith Fincher of MySpace are joining with 1,983,443,374 other humorists around the globe in a Class Action lawsuit for plagiarism - against themselves.

Yes, the "swat googled 'round the world" by President Obama has prompted an unprecedented amount of spoof articles, voice overs, satire, humorous takes, amusing references and general funny business from every citizen on Earth with a computer, TV station, ham radio, cb, column, smoke signal and any pretensions to the title "comedian".

In what to the layman appeared to be a simultaneous publication of close to two million articles, shows, skits, columns and blurbs about Obama killing a fly, is now a source of contention as to exactly who first published a humorous take on this wholly minor fly killing event first.

Currently, Soduku Hiroshima of the Japanese Times is claiming precedence, due to his unfair time zone advantage. But in spite of that, there are least 422,565 other claimants in the People's Democratic Republic of China alone. Not to mention another 232,442 claimants in Indonesia. And several hundreds of thousands of more from Russia, Africa, the European Union, Latin America and North America. And thirty two blokes from Australia who are threatening to take matters into their own hands with boomerangs if justice is not done.

"That was Warlord Bumgatu's idea, you friggin' plagiarists! (Well, and my cousin's...)"

And Edith Fincher who says her MySpace site is very popular amongst her daughters and her friend Dee Dee from the bakery she works at. "Oh, they read me every time I remind them, they think I'm a real hoot! At least they tell me that when I ask them! I don't know why all these others would steal my idea about Obama and the fly! But it was mine first! I just thought it was funny, him killing a fly, and I remember thinking, what would PETA think? Or, did the fly have relatives who are upset with him being killed? Or was it really Jeff Goldblum? Or did the fly kill Obama's dad? Just funny stuff like that."

The other 1,983,443,373 of those in the suit are not buying it. "Why would she have had the idea to do a joke about Obama killing a fly at the same time I did?", said Ban *click* Tok of the sub-saharan region of North Africa. "I thought of it, and don't believe she thought of it at same time!"

"Kaffir, bitta!", said Eva Braun of Munich, Germany. "I haff thought uff it ven virst I see it. I blog it right avtervards."

And so it goes. Attorneys around the world are getting ready to pool their efforts and split what they believe will be the biggest reward ever in which everyone wins against themselves and the lawyers collect 33 percent.