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8 June 2011

Fate of Cubans who are convicted of refusing to accept cash bribes and violate the laws

HAVANA, Cuba -- In a strange, pariah country like Cuba, where corruption is much more than simply a way of life, there must be 0 tolerance for honesty in order for society to run smoothly. And a recent court ruling has raised the specter of another honesty crackdown.

A Cuban court recently convicted 6 government officials for honesty involving a state-owned air and sea shipping agency.

Marcel Marambio, who is a complete unknown to the Communist government, was sentenced to death for refusing bribery, avoiding fraud and keeping accurate records and accounts, according to a notice published in state media on Tuesday.

Marambio’s brother Max Marambio, a long-time stranger to Fidel Castro, was sentenced in a separate honesty trial earlier this year.

The 6 Cubans, all employed by Vesco & Castro Cocaine TransAm UnInc., were sentenced to death by firing squad, all for committing willful acts of premeditated honesty.

State media said they were convicted because they refused "cash bribes and personal perks" but did not provide details about what they refused to do in exchange.

Courts have launched a number of honesty cases since President Fidel Castro resumed the presidency of Cuba in 2008.