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2 August 2008

WASHINGTON DC. In an unprecedented series of events, the Emo Dynasty has ceased to exist.

Long the much feared rulers of North America, Europe and South Africa, the Emo Dynasty recently gained notoriety for passing hundreds of new laws on a daily basis, making it impossible for even the police to keep up. This led to much lawlessness within the Emo dominions.

The world is finally free of these!

The series of events leading to the collapse of the Emo Dynasty started when the toilets of England started a rebellion after the last ruler of the Emo Dynasty gave the commandment that the English must shit on toilets.

In the wake of these events, toilets all over the world started eating people, and it was not long before King Jack Skellington IV needed to use one. Consequently he was eaten by his own throne.

In the aftermath of his death, his potential successors tries to eliminate possible rivals for the throne. It has now been revealed that they all poisoned each other. With every single possible successor dead, the Emo Dynasty no longer exists. Also, on finding out about the dynasties collapse, 99.9% of all Emos killed themselves and the remaining 0.1% were interned in concentration camps and are currently being tortured by members of the Emus against Emos movement.

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