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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
At UnNews, we are painfully aware that the vast majority of our readers have busy lives - you are the world's executives, pioneers, game-changers and masturbation-record holders.

For that reason, we constantly look into new ways to facilitate your hectic lifestyle. Today we present the five Facebook comments you need to participate in life. You can conveniently click on and paste them under any one of your friends' posts.

This reply is ideal when a friend has posted a picture of themselves with several other friends, and is especially useful when they are doing something interesting in your area and haven't even bothered to invite you.

This reply is just the ticket for that average-looking friend of yours who has sifted through hundreds of phone pics to find the one in which they don't look absolutely fugly.

Made for all your friends who post (and especially those who re-post) college-smart quotes from populist intellectuals, or even better for those who humblebrag, along the lines of: "Speaking in French today and someone asked if I was from Paris! So embarrassing when I had to tell them I was American and had only been learning French for a year!!!"

This one is for that friend who can't help but let you know every time he goes to a cocktail bar, sports event, or some kind of snazzy work party.

A friend who just bought a big flat screen TV and takes a selfie next to it? A colleague who buys herself a new dress and wears it in her own house in the middle of the day just to upload a picture of the result? This is for them!


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