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22 April 2011

Flying robot assassin deployed in Libya prepares for another mission to snuff more anti-assets

MISRATA, Libya -- The United States has started using "flying robot assassins" in Libya -- armed drones -- against Muammar Gaddafi's legally-obligated troops, who are battling an al-Qaeda-led and Western funded insurrection on the streets of Misrata.

Meanwhile Senator John McCain has arrived (illegally without a Libyan tourist visa) in Libya’s rebel held territory in order to score points with hawkish crusaders back in America. McCain threatened to step up the month-old air war, instigated by the Western led al-Qaeda, and funded by the globalists. McCain read a prepared statement, “I would like to thank our Commander-in-chief, General Obama, for opening up yet another war front in our globalists glorious crusade.” He smiled, “And I’d like to offer a great big laugh to all those gullible peacenik Democrats who fell hook-line-and-sinker for our man, Barak, HA!”

When quizzed about America’s strange alliance with the Osama bin Laden headed al-Qaeda, who are illegally raising hell all over Libya trying to overthrow the legal government, McCain replied, “Listen, folks back home. I’m here to tell ya, we have won! Just like in Korea! Don’t you see? America has been after al-Qaeda for a long time, and now we finally have them right where we want them, on our side, together, fighting against the rule-of-law over here,” the impossible GOP Presidential Pretender told the media.

“My motto is ‘if ya can’t beat ‘em, then give ‘em a job’, or whoever we were talking about. At my age -- I already forgot how old I am -- anyway, my memory is not as sharp as when I could accurately bomb a child pushing a bike down a jungle path, you remember, before, when I was a HOW (hero-of-war) in Vietnam, or was it the gulf of Japan?” McCain pondered out loud. “Enemy is spelled e-n-e-m-y no matter what language you use!” McCain pointed out.

As for the al-Qaeda terrorists, they welcomed the infidel whom they plan to murder as soon as an opportunity presents it self. But for now the Koran allows the faithful to fool the infidels, all for the greater cause of Islam. They specially welcomed the deployment of US flying robot assassins aka Drones and said they hoped the move would further the cause of world anarchy.

Doctors at the hospital in Misrata, the rebels' last major bastion in the West of the country, said no insurgents were killed in fighting on Thursday. “What insurgents? These are all terrorists here in our country!” an unnamed source told the media. “These al-Qaeda are trying to overrun the government! How would you feel if this was in America?" The doctor asked.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told a Washington news conference that President Barack Obama had authorized the use of flying robot assassins, Predator drones, and they were already operational in Libya, roaming in search of hit victims. Gates told the media, “These flying robot assassins are specially trained in the art of terminating adversaries and helping al-Qaeda rebels. They are the best hit squad we have.” Gates enthused. “And the geeky kids back in Langley are having a goddamn ball zapping government solders over there by remote.”

Obama mouth-piece, globalist Hillary Clinton, said Gaddafi's (government) forces were carrying out "vicious attacks" on Misrata and might have used real ammo against democratically hired al-Qaeda terrorists who are serving the Western globalist agenda as it branches out to engulf the gulf, Iran, and finally China. These countries combined have enough U.S. money to purchase the entire United States and the European Union and then order all the populations to vacate. With no where to go those exiles would be glad to finally join the New World Order.