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8 October 2007

sexy lady yes?
"Christ, she IS a woman after all!"

SEXILICIOUS BBC newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky is leaving the BBC to join late night soft core pornographic channel "Live XXX Girls". She will join the channel in the New Year and replaces Angela Rippon, who left "Live XXX Girls" in the summer.

"After five incredibly rewarding years at the BBC, I found the chance to show off my womanly "charms" to an audience of fat, lonely sex starved men too exciting to pass up," Ms Kaplinsky said.

Ms Kaplinsky is to be a presenter on flagship show "Girls Hot and Horny (for you)" which asks viewers to phone in to have some direct one on one "adult" chat with any number of a bevy of beauties on show. It is unknown whether Natasha herself will take calls but it is expected that she will "get her bosoms out when the channel is encrypted at 11pm"

Channel chairman Roget Kiplin put paid to any hopes of seeing the news-girl's bits for free, "viewers will have to pay the £15.99 a night sub to get a look at Natasha's Norks, which is coincidentally the title of another show she will be involved in next year."

Natasha was quick to promote her new channel last night, "so come on sexy boys, sign up to see some REAL sexy goings on and have some sexy chat with some of our sexy wild girls. MMMmmmm, I'm so sexy horny right now. Pick up the sexy phone mmmmmm, oh sexy yes YESS YESSS!"