UnNews:G20 conference disrespects Gangsta NG 20 Gauge Upside Yo Head, Gimme My Money, Yo?

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15 April 2009

This guy is a Hip hop "artist" in the way that my kid is a bullshit "artist"

MAYBERRY, North Carolina - Hip hop "artist" Gangsta NG 20 Guage Upside Yo Head, Gimme My Money, Yo? aka Paul Wall nearly busted a cap in a bitch this morning over breakfast when he read about the G20 conference and it's associciated hubbub in the newspaper.

"Yo, whys I gots to get no money from sumpin named after me, yo, whassup wit dat?" said Mr Wall in his best wigga accent. Apparently .

UnNews UnNews senior White People Who Think They're Black correspondent Zimbat Scalamichci translated the morons speech:"Mr. Wall seems to believe that, because the characters "G20" appear as a part of his stage name, that he is entitled to renumeration for the use of such in the name "G20 Conference".

Mr. Wall, or "G20" as he wishes to be addressed, went on to say that, "Yo, dat bi-atch whats be rulin' England, you know, dat royal sumpin'? She gots to get wit de program, yo!" This sort of thing went on for a quite a bit, and so is probably not worth continuing.

Scalamichci explains that, "According to Mr. NG20, the Queen of Britain should pay some sort of fee for using his name, as well as a percentage of any crack sales. His reasoning is that, since he sells and uses crack, he is owed a professional courtesy, one powerful celebrity to another."

In any case, UnNews editorial staff feel that, just for looking the way he does on purpose, he deserves the spotlight of our crack reportage.