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22 November 2009

Cracked-up Shrek abuses a Cheyenne, Wyoming child as two bemused stoner furrys look on.

SANTA MONICA, California -- The Girls Gone Wild franchise, created by Joseph R. Francis, has come under fire again from the Justice Department. This time prosecutors are set on shutting down a new venture, Furrys Gone Wild.

The new video series by the production company Mantra Films, Inc., which is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, features "furry lifestylers" (people who dress as animal characters in costume recreationally) doing vaguely sexual things on camera.

Francis got some prison time and a 1.6 million dollar fine for encouraging drunken young girls to disrobe, and sometimes engage in sexual activity, on camera, and selling the videos to young men who have no chance in Hell of ever seeing two naked women willing to have sex with them.

Cameraman Yalti Pyszjysko told UnNews, "We were on a shoot in Cheyenne, Wyoming, looking for some hot furry action at this one bar. These dudes, you know, they don't settle for drinking. Most of them smoke weed, and quite a few smoke crack. I guess that's what gets them through it."

"The money shots for this genre were to get them yiffing (an insiders term for sexual activity between furrys) hot and heavy on camera. After a few trips to the rest rooms, and a few shooters, we started getting some promising stuff. Then they all started piling out of the bar, walking the streets and looking to cause mayhem, especially the ones who smoked crack."

The incident which touched off this lawsuit occurred when cracked-up yiffers started attacking children at random, as the stoner furrys looked on amused.

"We think we have a good case against Mr. Francis and company," said lead prosecutor for the case, William Smellings. "Were it not for the encouragement of his crew and entourage, these kooks would not have begun a major incident, which has scarred the little souls of several of Cheyennes children forever."