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23 October 2007

The evil Heather Mills, at a baby eating convention last night

(THE EVIL) HEATHER MILLS has flown to the US to plan a blockbuster Hollywood film franchise about her life "to rival Lord of The Rings, only this time EVIL WINS"- and she wants the sexy Al Pacino to take on the leading role. It is thought that a series of up to eight movies will be made depicting her descent into evil from the day she allowed Satan dominion over her soul.

Mills is having a meeting in Los Angeles with a series of film industry big-wigs who are all in thrall to her demonic spirit. There she will dictate the making of a film of her life (of unmitigated evil). She has demanded that Al Pacino, 97, who once played Satan in the flop 1997 movie "The Devils Anchovy", to play her in the movie.

Al Pacino was "flattered" to be linked to the role, "well, I'm not sure why she thinks I'm suited to playing an evil blonde, one legged whore but hey, if the moneys right I'd shoot my mother!"


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