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12 January 2010

Thompson at the peak of his powers

In a surprising move, acclaimed American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson has admitted to taking banned drugs at the peak of his career. Thompson, who died in 2005, finally admitted to ingesting a potentially lethal cocktail of banned substances during the late 1960s and "pretty much all of" the 1970s - the period many acknowledge as the peak of his achievements - during a post-mortem interview with our UnNews reporters.

During the period in question, Thompson wrote the series of books that made his name, and most critics agree he "knocked them right out of the park". Thompson himself has stated that he took the drugs "purely for health benefits", and asserts that they "had no effect on my writing - there's no pill in existence that gives you the mind-brain co-ordination required to write a great novel". Prominent critics are lining up to disagree, with one stating "Thompson might assert that the drugs didn't affect his writing, but give me a break - the giant lizard people, the bats, the creeping paranoia, it's amazing no-one suspected this before!"

Commentators have also been at pains to stress that they don't see his confession having an effect on his chances of getting into the literary hall of fame. "I don't think there is a literary hall of fame, is there?" asked one, while another said "if such a thing exists, this latest admission should surely preclude his ever entering it - writing a book about drugs while on drugs? If that's not an unfair advantage I don't know what is!"

"To say I'm shocked is something of an understatement", observed critic A Pretentiousguy, "this was a time when his battle with Doctor Gonzo re-invigorated national interest in gonzo journalism, and to find out he wrote his greatest works while out of his face on a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... it's just staggering! It's even more of a surprise to me than finding out Mark McGwire was on steroids - the kind of thing you just don't see coming!"