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21 February 2008

He really loves me!!

<3 <3 <3, New Jersey (AP) — Love is the best but the worst thing that can happen to you I remember when I fell in love it was a couple of weeks ago. I was on my space talking to my friend and she told me that her cousin wanted to talk so we talked. The next couple of weeks he told me that he loves me.

Weeks past by and I started falling for him I fell for him because the way he treats me, he treats me as if I were his queen. He treats me like his treasure or something like that. My feelings for the guy are very strong I feel so special and pretty around him. When I'm with him he makes me forget all the trouble I have in life like school and all the drama going in school he also makes me forget the troubles in home like when my dad and my older sister get in an argument or when I feel so sad and all my friends tried to make me feel better its him and only him that can make me feel happy again.

When I'm sad all I do is get the phone and call him I guess the sound of his voice makes me feel better or how he talks to me. He talks to me with respect and love and he listens to everything I have to say.

Some weeks past by and he finally asked me out and of course I said yes we've been going out for three days but it feels like I've known him my whole life. He is like the best boyfriend any girl can have he treats you with respect and he' honest and of course he calls me everyday just to see how am doing sometimes he even calls just to say I love you. He's the type of guy I would like to spend the rest of my life with. I know am young but if were still going out like when I am twenty five I would marry him because he just makes me feel so special.

I think it also sucks to fall in love because you cant get that person out of your mind like here you are watching a movie and you have no idea what it was about, that's a waste of money. When you're in school all you think about is the person and your grades start to fall. It also sucks because when you break up with that person you still have feeling for its like they took of part of you and you feel so sad and down and now I hope our love goes down the drain I hate his guts!!!

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