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25 March 2007

A place for friends? Well, not really, it's all about that tyrant at the top. I didn't even want to be friends with him but I was forced to.

MY HOUSE, New York -- Tom Major reporting for UnNews. After getting out early I came back to New York and updated my MySpace. During this I came across something that stood out to me, you know, something that stood out to me:

"Warning - Please be aware that MySpace is accessed by thousands of users every day; since you do not know every user on the MySpace site, exercise caution when posting personally identifiable information."

Looks a pretty normal policy that MySpace would impose to keep the privacy of users, especially those of young age. However, there seems to be a loophole in the system. Look again.

"...since you do not know every user on the MySpace site..."

Well, what if someone does know everyone on the site? Their personal details will be on the internet for the world to see, it's going to be total chaos. They'll be free to add as much as they want - get sexually abused or even get broken in to and be able to sue the site for leaving a loophole.

As probably the first person to notice this, I need to go on a quest to find MySpace Tom - inform him of my views. But I can't, because I'm under house arrest. I can't spend any money (I'm using dial-up right now, it will probably take my weekly allowance).

I've already tried with email and tried to comment him, no reply. I didn't think that anyone would be trying to email or comment him on MySpace. Doubt he even has that many frien--

"Tom has 165721374 friends."

Hmm, well maybe that is everyone on the site? That means he must know everyone on the site, and it's not just a script that automatically adds him to everyone's "friends" list and then stops you from deleting him. He is actually that popular.

Where does his popularity come from anyway? Those "MySpace poses" that he does ("I'm really cool, I'm not as old as you think I am... You know, using words like 'poses' gets me 'down' with the 'cool' guys) those are really popular". Maybe I should do some.

I need to teach him a lesson once I can get out of my house. I plan to find out where he lives and hit him with a brick.