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The cover of Sarah Palin's newest book, Going Rouge, which garnered positive feedback for its use of complete sentences and proper grammar.

Sarah Palin: 'Going Rouge' Hits Stores; Hints to Maverick Party

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Sarah Palin begins her whirlwind tour of her newest book, fittingly titled Going Rouge. Sources tell that it was originally going to be called Story of an Average Maverick Hockey-Mom, but Palin refuted that title, calling it "anti-un-Americana."
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This trailer-based sign is the latest peaceful outreach of the Dove World Friendship Center.

US briefly takes lead in war of religious insults

(Gnome-speakernotes.png listen) GAINESVILLE, Florida -- The United States briefly jumped ahead in the months-long battle between Muslims and Christians to give the other side gratuitous offense when Pastor Terry Jones designated next Saturday as the first "Burn a Koran Day."
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An artist's impression of the "Ground Zero Heads on Spikes" project.

Tea Party supporters oppose plans to display severed heads of 9/11 victims at Ground Zero

GROUND ZERO, New York City -- Supporters of the Tea Party movement have demonstrated in opposition to plans to "display the severed heads of 9/11 victims on spikes at Ground Zero." Supporters of the proposal, however, accuse opponents of being "misleading" and "hysterical."
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