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15 April 2010

What a Thai Red Shirt looks like.
Red Shirts in their Stormtrooper combat armor designed by Thaksin Shinawatra to use in homicide bombings and other terrorist attacks.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A few years ago the good King of Thailand impeached the former Prime Minster Thaksin Shinawatra for lying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, using oil companies to steal Iraqi oil, abuse his powers to take over the Thai phone company and wiretap anyone warrantlessly, torture terrorist suspects via waterboarding, and other things that made him the George W. Bush of Thailand and a Dictator reaching the evil levels of Adolf Hitler.

Once the former Thai Prime Minster Thaksin Shinawatra had workers building concentration camps to do a new holocaust with plans to invade Poland and France, the good King of Thailand used his Thai Constitutional powers to remove that guy from office via an impeachment process brought on by the Supreme Court of Thailand after finding Thaksin Shinawatra guilty of hundreds of counts of bribes, terrorism, lying, cheating, stealing money and companies, and potential genocide. Had the Supreme Court and King not stopped Thaksin Shinawatre in time he would have converted Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side to become Darth Vader and start work on a Deathstar. But Yoda and Obi Won Kenobi foiled that plot. R2D2 knew all about it as well.

But Thaksin Shinawatra hid in Singapore and refused to come back to Thailand to be having a fair trial for his suspected crimes. After making a big deal with Osama bin Laden and his Al-Aqeda terrorist network Thaksin Shinawatra was able to brainwash poor people and common people to carry out these terrorist actions with the promise that when they die they will be reborn as a rich American person much like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump or one of the Wal-Mart Walton or some other famous rich American family.

Recently he pays $100 or 3500 Bhat a day for Thai people to protest the current government, and also do terrorist attacks with bombs and guns. These people wear Red Shirts and are called Stormtroopers and want the former Prime Minster back so he can continue his tyranny and steal more money and corrupt more people to turn Thailand into the 21st century version of Nazi Germany. Now where did we hear that before?