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25 March 2013

Loyal fans await Nintendo's latest output.

KYOTO, Japan -- Nintendo has announced that it will make its latest foray into the games console market, following the successful release of the Wii in 2006, it is set to launch the Puu.

Like the Wii, the Puu has a Japanese-sounding name. Nintendo marketing director, Miso Harni, explains: "The basic meaning of Puu is something like 'warrior' or 'tough one', but it's a very general word with many connotations. We didn't want to use something like 'samurai' because it has a specific image. We wanted to convey the idea that warriors, like gamers, come in all forms: you can have a thin Puu, a fat Puu, an aggressive Puu, or a friendly Puu."

Harni praised his predecessors at Nintendo for spotting a gap in the market: "What the Wii demonstrated was that gamers enjoyed a certain amount of physical exertion. We believe we have taken this idea to the next level," although he stresses that Puu gamers will not have to "strain physically."

Early glimpses of the Puu have received the thumbs up. Industry expert Joanna Corey said, "People will be licking their lips at the thought of getting their hands on a Puu."

They may have to wait sometime, however. Harni warned us: "I don't think we will see any Puu's in shops until late 2014, 2015."

One thing's for sure, when it is ready to come out, all those gamers who were desperate for a Wii in 2006 will be absolutely dying for a Puu.

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