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2 August 2006

Political Correctness in Britain reached a new level of insanity today after the useless Labour 'government' outlawed many 'politically incorrect words' and replaced them with new PC words that everyone can use without fear of causing ridiculously massive amounts of offence to others. Tony Blair, Prime Minister, declared that calling people 'Black' was completely out of order and demanded that people use the term '#000000' (pronounced Hash nought nought nought, nought nought nought). Other PC changes include:

  • White People- 'El Vino Blanco'
  • Yellow People- RGB (255, 255, 0)
  • Dark Chocolate- Discoloured Chocolate
  • White Chocolate- Toothpaste-coloured stuff
  • Hopscotch- Hopzimbabwean
  • Shortbread- Vertically-Challenged bread

The new words have been condemned as an 'erosion of the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro of free speech' by the Ultra New Legalise Cannabis Alliance.