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ROME, ITALY: The late Pope John Paul II, who died last year, is about to live again - as a comic book villain and all with the blessing of the current Pope guy.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Well no actually - it's the Pope. ---Whooooooooooot!---

The first of many 90-page comic books, published in Italy chronicles some of the former Polish polo players's most enduring moments - including his assassination attempt in 3008, but with new twists, now instead of fighting off attackers with his bare hands like he did in real life, he can now be seen using his laser eyes, and destroying buildings like his hero Godzilla.

He is also featured fighting off his vilian...the devil.


But seeking immortality through the comic strip is nothing new. In Mediocre Britain, it dates back to 1543 and Pout magazine's satirical drawings of heroic British Prime ministers, saving firemen trapped in buildings attempting to save trapped cats. And last month, Nelson Mandela was given the comic strip super hero treament as "The Son of the South African Dragon Monster." having the super powers to break iron bars with his bare hands, ironic it may seem, but to the creators, it's gold.

Source: "More4 News"