UnNews:Robot confesses, Al-Qaida behind birthday party massacre

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9 January 2010

Robot kills children at party.

THE BIBLE BELT -- Heathen Arabic types have been exposed as the perpetrators of a child's birthday massacre, carried out by a robot hired as entertainment.

What began as a joyous occasion for little Kristof, celebrating his seventh birthday, ended in blood and tears for the Quamby family and friends. Parents Oliver and Shirl Quamby said, "This day will live in infamy. All we were doing was trying to have a nice time with our kids, for the love of God."

The suspect robot opened fire on around 15 children as they gathered to watch him perform a magic act. Under interrogation, he admitted that, "I was prepared for my mission in a Yemeni Al-Qaida training camp. I take full responsibility for defending Islam from the great Satan."

The robots father, a prominent banker, has said, "I apologize for robots everywhere, and extend my heartfelt sympathies to the families of the stricken. We shall pray for them, may Allah be merciful"

An unnamed source has told UnNews that childrens birthdays have been on the drawing board of Al-Qaidas terrorist network, and the CIA knew about it in March of 2007.