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1 January 2008

"I would only have taken up this much space" says Ron Paul

NEW YORK, New York - Representative Ron Paul has been excluded ABC and Fox News merely because he isn't liked by those two stations.

A Fox News spokesmen commented on the decision yesterday:

Cquote1.png We don't care about Ron Paul and his biased views. This is not an opinion, this is a fact given how horribly he is doing in polls. Why even bother having him appear if we know he won't win? Cquote2.png

ABC News had a slightly different response, saying:

Cquote1.png We don't have enough chairs for him to appear and he was voted off the island because he sucks. Cquote2.png

Since Ron Paul was left out in the weekend debates, Tim Russert, host of Meet the Press, invited Paul to appear on his show. Paul accepted the invitation. He wasn't actually shown on Television, butt had a casual conversation with Russert as he had nowhere else to go. The fact that NBC invited Paul led many to question if NBC is a more liberal station than ABC and Fox News as Ron Paul has varied views on the Iraq War.

Despite not having ABC's and Fox News's endorsement, Ron Paul has thousands of fans, all of which were angered by the news and warned of forming an angry mob around the stations. Some Paul supporters also plan to boycott Fox advertises and others will intend to desperately spam in the hopes of Paul winning the election.