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24 December 2008

Director James Wan of the popular "Saw" franchise has announced a huge change in his agenda: instead of sticking to the torture-horror motif carried by the first five films, Wan instead wants to make the announced Saw VI a romantic comedy. Wan, in an interview, said the change was brought on by a change of attitude towards life. Wan stated, "I'm done with all of that violent stuff. Let the world be happy, you know, man? Why should we be all unhappy?" In Saw VI, instead of the usual premise of the "Jigsaw Killer" trapping victims and making them play sick games to stay alive, the "victims" are now a reality game show not unlike the popular television show "The Bachelor". The contestants must live with many women, and, in a series of games, find their one true love.

The idea received backlash from some of the fans of the older, more bloody and gory movies in the series preceding Saw VI. Some complained that it would ruin the whole series, and that the series can't handle a change that big without losing touch. Wan defended the film, stating it was going to be "awesome". He also said that it was, in fact, going to be bloody. "Bloody awesome!" Wan said with a grin on his face.

The movies full details have not been published yet, but in an advance screening in New York City, critic Roger Ebert called the movie "heartwarming" and "a refreshing change". The movie is slated for release in October 2009.