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7 August 2008

Turnbee, far right, discusses the humor in Disaster Movie with fellow scientists.

SALEM, Kansas: Local resident Jeff Turnbee has reported his failure to understand the skilled wit and subtley in the trailer for the upcoming film Disaster Movie.

Turnbee, who has won numerous awards of academic merit, doesn't seem like the sort of man who would be unable to grasp advanced humor. "I love smart, subtle comedies," he said. "But I just don't really get what this one is trying to say. The obvious jokes are there, but they must be masking something. No one could be stupid enough to make that the entire movie, right?"

Others have scoffed at Turnbee, claiming that if one really has to think about the humor, it's lost it's power. "Dude, you just gotta sit back," said Rob Reichert, 13. "I love these fucking things to death. You damn sciency people want to ruin all our good times." He then took a draw of the joint he was smoking and concluded, "That movie looks so awesome."

Despite the criticism, Turnbee has promised he will try his very hardest to understand, no matter how many viewings it takes. "I'll go over and over," he announced confidently. "I want to understand what's funny to today's youth, even if it might be a little over my head. I'll discover the true meanings, the satire, the social commentary... no matter what."