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15 April 2010

David has a tadpole in his eye with this one.

LONDON, United Kingdom -- British Conservative Party leader David Cameron is now claiming he has the backing of election-savvy Amphibians after Sir Paul McCartney gave permission for them to use the song The Frog Chorus.

The animated song from the 1980s which featured cuddly frogs and other animals around a pond singing a song has the refrain We All Stand Together. This echoes Cameron's message to the British electorate which is We're All In This Together which he claims that his party can win the British General election in May.

In full froggy throat support for the Conservatives.

Speaking to a gathering of his party supporters at a school for the under fives, Cameron warmed to his theme that even frogs, toads and newts had deserted Labour and that all good kiddies had a duty to support a 'croak-friendly' party. Also free jelly and sweets were given to help quieten the kids as Cameron made his political pitch.

Even lazy toads join in.

"I am a family man and I love everyone who votes for me. And even more people love Paul McCartney. That's why he's given me this song to make you all feel fuzzy and friendly to me and my party. Now if you can excuse me, I have just been handed the lyrics to here it goes..."

Win or Lose, Sink or Spin
One Thing Is Certain the Tories Will Win
The Choice is made, the die is cast
We're All in this Together
Play the game, Start a Fight
But What's the point? , the Tories Are Right
Support Our Cam, Show Your Hand
We're All in this Together.
La La La, Sing Our Song,
We're Making It Up As We're Going Along.
Join Our Cause, Make A Fuss
We're All in this Together
You've Done Us Proud, Now a smile,
The election has been won by a country mile,
Check the post, It's Time we left.
You're Now On Your Own Forever

...er hang on sec...are we sure these are the right lyrics...?'