UnNews:There's 'gay' and then there's 'Oscar de la Hoya gay' - an editorial by Bill O'Reilly

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Yes, America, I'm very sorry to say that this actually is Oscar de la Hoya, which formerly was a raging machine in the boxing ring. The level of gayness definitely crosses the line here, don't let any liberal pinheads tell you otherwise.

29 January 2012

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SOME FOX NEWS BUNKER, maybe in the USA -- What happens when a former boxing world champion is exposed as not only being gay, which is a minor sin that liberals try to spin like a whirligig, but being a no-holds-barred drag queen? What kind of example does that set for our already troubled youth? Is America in peril? Are you scared for our great nation? You should be. Get ready to witness the absolute truth for you just entered the No Spin Zone with yours truly Bill O'Reilly.

As you sure know by now, Oscar de la Hoya, who performed in probably the most macho sport on the face of God's green hell has been exposed in a series of photographs that make Richard Simmons look like Chuck Norris. Now, these acts of depravity were alledgedly committed under the influence of a mix of cocaine, meth and Popeye Cigarettes. And you expect every sane American like ME to believe this? BALONEY!

As an America loving patriot, I don't need to soak myself in a mixture of drugs to see more clearly than anybody else the reality of the world we are living in, and I never lose my focus about the loving Christian path that America should take: BOMB IRAN! And that is exactly why the behavior of MISTER de la Hoya is disgusting: no guy dressed like that would ever serve in our glorious Army! Can you imagine some crossdressing infantry member in high-heels operating a tank or shooting an RPG toward the enemies of Freedom? I think not! Some liberals will not see the connection of the last comment I just made with the controversy that Oscar de la Hoya is soaking himself in, and that is to be expected from the kooks on the far left.

Getting back to the topic, it makes it a lot worse that de la Hoya denied for years, I mean FOR YEARS, that these pictures were real before actually caving in and coming out of the closet, but not just any closet: the gayest freaking closet that America has ever seen! Pinheads from the left will try to force down your throats that he has the right to do whatever he wants to do in private. OK, sparky, how about NOT TAKING PICTURES OF IT THEN? I mean, look on the right of this page if you can. I dare you! The ultimate faggottry, the unleashed debauchery is what's killing this great nation. Young people look up to him and idolize him. Soon, instead of talking though and punching one another in the face to emulate de la Hoya, our young men will parade dressed in fishnets and women apparels all around schools. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RAISE A BUNCH OF FAGGOTS?!?

*sigh* *deep breath*

And that is it for us today, to cool us down a little bit, we leave you with a tune from the Village People, YMCA. Man, I love that song! Take it away. *half-assed smirk*