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27 November 2012

Filthy and shit: The one-time happy cast.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Just hours after a video went public in which Two and a Half Men star Angus T Jones described the show as "filth", his co-star John Cryer called in to Fresh Air with Terry Gross to point out that the sitcom is also "shit".

Asked directly by Gross to respond to Jones' video, Cryer replied, "Well yeah it is filth. But not that just that, it's shit. It's a really lame show. It's like a second-string sitcom at best. Even when Charlie [Sheen] was in it, I didn't think it was very good. And I mean Ashton [Kutcher] tries, but he is just not funny."

Behind the scenes, producers of the hit CBS show were said to be already reeling by the damaging remarks made by Jones, who is evidently a lot less fat and a lot more Christian than he used to be. If their hope was that Cryer - who steadied the ship after Sheen's departure - would perform the trick again, they were sorely mistaken. Cryer even complained about his own role, telling Gross, "It's like Friends. After a while, they boil a character down to two jokes. My two are, a) I can't get laid and b) I'm a freeloader. That's literally it."

He praised his co-star for his professionalism. "I have to hand it to Angus. He's been really patient. He's been making this show for nearly 10 years, earned a gazillion dollars, and this is the first time he has complained about it being filthy. Bear in mind his two jokes are 1) I just took a big poo and 2) I just masturbated. Oh and his character's really dumb too, I forgot that one. Anyway, it's not easy to pick up 6-figure checks for every show you do when you have to make jokes that go against your moral code. For ten years."

Only time will tell what damage the comments will do to the show. A CBS source told us. "You never know with Middle America... the innuendos on the show are so obvious they barely merit the name, and the whole thing was launched on the back of Charlie being a bit of a junkie, a bit of a womanizer... but actually saying it out loud like that, sometimes it makes viewers spazz out as if they have been deceived all this time. Don't get me wrong - we know the viewers are stupid - but we just don't know how stupid."