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3 July 2007

Not raining, yesterday

HASTINGS-UNDER-ROUGHSHOD, Sussex -- THE PUBLIC REMAINS unconvinced that weather actually exists, according to a new poll. Findings by Ipsos Mori show Britons believe that weather such as rain, snow or even "sunny spells" are merely "a product of yet more government spins and lies."

One such contributor of the poll, Gary Anticyclone, expressed his own scepticism about "drizzle" and his feeling that clouds are "some sort of hologram beamed from space, or something".

"I mean take a good look out side, do you really see any of this 'weather' out there? Well, do you?"

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Ipsos Mori interviewed 4 adults in their homes between June 14 and 20, and found that 56% believe scientists themselves are still questioning whether weather (see what I did there?) actually exists. Most believe there is a live debate going on, when in fact there is virtual scientific consensus that weather, in all its guises, is a very real part of the planets ecosystem.

Phil Retch, head of environmental research at Ipsos Mori, said: "Our research shows there is still a lot to do to win the public over on the existence of weather. I myself had my doubts until I was struck by lightning and sucked into a tornado last year."

The poll is released a week after a related poll found that more than 11,000 people died last year after literally burying their head in sand.