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23 February 2007

"Falling Piano" Hazard Warning Sign.

NEW YORK, New York --The United Nations, in cooperation with the International Musical and Composer Requisites and Cargo Association unveiled their new symbol designating a hazardous risk of "being smashed by a piano rapidly descending from an altitude above head height". The symbol is designed to immediately communicate danger to those lacking the ability to recognize the immanent threats within the instrumentation supply chain in everyday situations. The design sequels the new radiation symbol (in other news) committed by the International Task Squadron-Force Of Really Important Unnecessary Things of Generally Exciting Tendency.

Other Proposals

Despite the controversial debate already revolving around the signs, additional hazard signs were introduced, for example for

the danger of "war"


the "danger of visits by United States Presidents"


"the possibility of PowerPoint presentations"


and "fatally annoying information technology"