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10 August 2009

Last nights Uncyclopedia awards were a fascinating affair that kept you on the edge of your seat at every turn. The awards, sponsored and held solely by Uncyclopedia, were actually a culmination of the greatest websites on the internet all hoping to win the coveted "Best Website Award." The first twenty minutes of the show provided a few shockers with Uncyclopedia taking home the awards for 'Best Humor on a Website', 'Best Administrators', and 'Best Satire.' Capturing the first three awards in order left Uncyclopedia feeling good, while other websites, like Funnyordie.com just got up and left being quoted as saying, "It's their awards show, it's really just a pat on the back, no other websites are even nominated in any category." These allegations were immediately denied by Uncyclopedia during its acceptance speech for the 'Best News Website' award. After winning the next seventeen awards in succession everyone was just filled with anticipation to see if Uncyclopedia could pull off a sweep and take the most coveted award of them all. The Microsoft Paper Clip was given the honor of handing out the 'Best Website Award', but when he or she stalled Steve Jobs showed up and reluctantly announced Uncyclopedia as the winner. By capturing all 22 awards Uncyclopedia has pulled the Uncyclopedia Awards Show Sweep in all three years of it's existence. The people over at that website sure do have a lot to be proud of.

"Best Website Award"


Also a Jesus award winner


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