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5 January 2013

It's as if it were meant to be.

UPN, Abyss of Television -- Kicking off its ninth season with 46,145 episodes under the belt, the fairly-watched sketch-comedy variety show Uncyclopedia has officially moved to UPN as of January 5th.

The move was brought about by the staff of Uncyclopedia being unsatisfied with the old network, WikiLand, for constantly censoring many of Uncyclopedia's bits for being "too edgy". Over the course of the series' run on WikiaLand, Uncyclopedia played jump rope with the parental guidelines, from PG to MA to TV14 to Y7.

"We really didn't know what to do with them," said WikiLand's rating consultant Sannse Carter. "Most of their comedy was so childish that only 10-year-olds could possibly find it funny. On the other hand, cocks and boobs. It was a ratings nightmare."

Originally, the producers of Uncyclopedia had attempted to negotiate a deal with Comedy Central in hopes of picking some of the scraps of South Park's demographic of juvenile pre-teens, late-20s basement-dwellers and champions of the cheapest of satire. However, the network that once gave Carlos Mencia his own show rejected them on the grounds that their standards were too high. After searching for any other network that would host them, Uncyclopedia was left with no other option but to scrape underneath the barrel with UPN.

Commenting on the move, Uncyclopedia's executive producer Oscar Wilde stated, "We welcome UPN as our new home. Not only do we hope to fulfill our full humour potential, but we'll do this while appealing to a new urban demographic. Maybe we'll even pick up a few struggling black comedians, knock on wood." Meanwhile, Uncyclopedia's handful of fans are ecstatic about the change. "I didn't even know UPN was still a thing," said semi-loyal viewer Jonathan Huang. "Good for them. I guess."

Uncyclopedia will air weekends at 10/9 central, sandwiched between Buffy's Vampire SmackDown and Star Trek: Moesha.


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