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The White House has plumbing faults for sure, leaking right out the Bush booty. Reports have it that the White House toilets do overflow with bullshit. The White House Doc's have tried every everything from medicine to treatments but nothing has worked. In desperation the assistants have recommened calling the nation's most intelligent specimens. They consulted with Al Gore who laid the groundwork for the internet itself, who, after a long studied pause said, yes, it's true that I am a founding father of the internet, but I don't know crap. Next they called Bill Gates Mr.Windows himself who said, yes my expertise with Windows is without equal but poop is out of my field. Many more of the nation's finest were called were called but none had an answer. As a last dip effort they got a medium who conversed with Elvis, the super star who said it's alright baby, just get the same drugs I had and there will be no leak for a month, they're mighty constipating. With no other alternatives they obtained these same drugs and they were given. Unfortunatly they worked too well. The booty clogged so badly that it exploded and blew the entire West Wing into smithereens. Condolences pour in, rebuilding has started. Life goes on. Shit happens!