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9 July 2007

New York, After an apparent take over by computers, Wi-Fi has successfully infiltrated the American campground system. In the state of New York, more than 3,000 of its 3,500 campgrounds have fallen to this elusive beast, which no one can see, feel, or know where it is at any given time, scary.

Now the campgrounds, soon the the cities...

Over the past few years more and more campgrounds have fallen to Wi-Fi, by realization that no one goes camping anymore or by force from Wi-Fi representatives in the computer world, either way, once Congress is smart enough to use Computers in collaboration with Wi-Fi; Non-stop campaign ads.

Computers are rejoicing everywhere upon hearing that they can now keep in 24-7 contact with each other via MyCPU, the Internet social-networking giant, which works like Myspace except for computers.

Upon realization of this inconvenient occurrence, state troopers in New York have order all known Wi-Fi towers destroyed, and all Geek Squad personal eradicate from the surrounding areas in order to retain “pristine conditions” in the wilderness. They also added that if you see anybody from CompUSA, kill them to, they give bad business to the already struggling Circuit City.

In a related story, Hippies were seen destroy these Wi-Fi towers out of outrage in that they destroy the beautiful landscape in which campgrounds lay. State troopers also want to “do away with” these pesky, messy creatures.