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11 June 2008

TEH INTRAWEB, Psyberspace -- Wiki communities around the globe were left shocked this week when corporate wiki giant Wikia announced plans to increase advertising space on its conglomerate of more than 6000 Wikis. The move was prompted when Jimbo Wales and 'influential' Stockholders announced that their plans to construct a spacecraft to return home could be in jeopardy[1].

Cquote1.png Ads will now be placed inside content areas Cquote2.png

Danny, a pig working for the company as Community Development Manager


"We understand you are upset, but honestly, shut the fuck up and get on with it… Sacrifices have to be made to keep the company afloat. They took away my masseuse for fucks sake!"[2]

Community outcry following the announcement has been unprecedented. KnitWiki, one of Wikia's most prominent wikis, has already threatened to leave the site. Members of Boobipedia have also threatened to walk out and construct a make-shift server with duck tape and unused memory from the porn shoots.

"Barbara and I are not afraid of finding alternative hosting!" remarked founder of both KnitWiki and Boobipedia Susan Titsknit. "Our close-knit community will not have the wool pulled over its eyes!" Other Communities are threatening to follow suit.

When asked to comment on the likelihood of Uncyclopedia adopting this new style, Danny declined to comment. It is thought however based on reliable sources[3] that the "Going Home" fund will be sated by the funds accrued by the Muppets Wiki[4].

King of Wikia Jimbo Wales could not be reached for comment, as he was too busy rolling about in a pile of cash.


  1. apparently the poor state in the economy prompted the move
  2. these are standard issue amongst influential Wikia members – it was a trend started in 2003 by Jimbo Whales when he "became loaded"
  3. Possibly
  4. currently far more active than the oft mocked and generally banal activity on Uncyclopedia