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30 November 2006

Two Romans getting it on in the article.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- Wikipedia founder James Wales Thursday defended the website's decision to put an article about intense sexual intercourse on its front page.

"We are devoted to becoming as comprehensive a website as possible," Wales said. "To quote our own policies, 'Wikipedia may contain content that some readers consider objectionable or offensive.' While we regret that some people may be offended, we strive to make our work as excellent as possible. This includes articles about nasty mattress Olympics."

Wales, who has never made money off breast pictures, said History of hard-core fucking "met and exceeded" Wikipedia's feature standards.

"In-line citations, excellent use of images, and fine writing all around." Wales said. "This is an example of how good -- and how hot -- Wikipedia can be."

"Man," Wales added, "I don't know where they got the 1908 porn film, but I'm sure glad they did."

Conservative groups and IPs have strongly criticized the decision to feature the article.

"This web site is used by school children for research," wrote on the Main Page discussion forum. "For the love of God, please get back to normal and feature the article on Ranma 1/2."

Wikipedia administrators, however, said they had no plans to change the front page.

"Wow, look what those Greek women are doing on that urn!" wrote "Chesterbestertester." "Can we keep this up for another week?"

The text of the article is generally low-key and neutral, conforming to Wikipedia's standards.

"Geoffrey Chaucer described many of his own sexual adventures in early drafts of the Canterbury Tales," the article says. "An early manuscript, currently in the possession of Oxford University, describes Chaucer roughly grabbing a 'fokke-hungry wench' in the inn and riding her until 'Aprill with her shoures soote.' Accounting for the exaggeration of numbers, a standard practice in medieval writing, this would still mean Chaucer and his wench hot-fucked each other for an impressive eight hours."


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