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“This is Unlike”

~ Rick Ross on Quest
Official Logo of UnQuest used since July 28, 2006 after the official release
Developer ZipFM Entertainment
Release Date March 23, 2006
Platforms Wadfuddle Jeresto/Juvio.
Internet for multiplayer
Rating E++
Would Emperor Palpatine play it? Sounds Like It

UnQuest is an online MMORPG game where the player plays a student of Sir Oscar Wilde, the leader of the Wilde Empire


Ireland is coming to and end as Oscar Wilde is threatened to be murdered. The Wilde Empire's new ruler shall be Grootin' Jonestonsonerson. Only you and the friends are able to save the empire from destruction.


The player will use stuff to get levels and respect from other people. The statuses include N00B, AVRG, AVG, AGTF, FOOL, LOL, UTTV, PPU, PU, PUFFY, NOE, COE, DANG or SANG, DANDY or SANDY, AAV, FRED, VVV, MD and Moderator. The collectable levels are Jumping, Running, Noobing (Descending from 100%), Loling, Bushing, Nerding, Geeking, Oscaring, Wildeing, Hjörring and Blurbing. Crafting skills are Noobcrafting, animalcrafting, babycrafting, craftcrafting and lolcrafting.



The world map, based on real knowledge during 1876. Level 20 people can go to Austriland. No wonder Oscar banned everybody from going to other places. He discovered them.


The Gruble, from the Wildese term Gru (Grue) and Bileau (Free). Anyone that has been in there will get an upside-down skull hovering over their head. Quite often, the skull says quotes. From Oscar. To lose the skull thingie, the user must fight a grue and win. This would mean everybody has a skull over their heads.


The Grue Construction Area is where working grues construct new houses. However, if a grue from the GCA sees you, it is instant death.


Holla Crap! That's a huges letterage. That place is foodland. And Book Place. And TagPlanet. Anyways, it's the place n00bs get free food and stuff. There are up to 95 items in that very place alone. Noobs... Heh...


Accordioning to the BBCCAAEEFFRRUUJJKKLLMMOPCSI of Canada, the game currently has

var dub="http://www.bbccaaeeffrruujjkkllmmopcsi.org/cn/unQuest.xml"


The most common are Beans, Butts, Pogs, Logs, Wood, Brains, Ber Fur, Ber skin, Ber Intestunes and Poo. Poo's rarity is 1x while other items pass 40x


Enemies are Grues, Farmer Grues, Oscar-Imposter Grues, Bud Grammur Gures, Gures, Ms. Grues, Anti-Grues, Groos and GurbliGrues. Others include Bers, far less deadlier.


Levels, also known as Skills, Burdmums and Gruficians are things that allow the player to do bigger actions. Obviously. Here are the collectible skills. Objects marked with an asterisk are crazy member stuff.


  • 1 - Jumping
  • 5 - Almost flying*
  • 10 - Falling
  • 20 - Falling with an effect*
  • 20 - Jumping rll rll high
  • 50 - Dragonjumping*


  • 1 - Running
  • 5 - Runneing
  • 8 - Rabbling*
  • 10 - Superfastrunningcombolol!
  • 50 - Dragonrunning*


  • 100% - Complete n00bite
  • 80% - Lessertothe-lesser
  • 60% - Gewd
  • 40% - Barlichs
  • 35% - Brimbi*
  • 10% - Lolishless
  • -5% - Nega-ROTFL


  • 1 - Noobish Foolinger
  • 5 - Lieutenant Leetson
  • 10 - Holy Criticalhit!
  • 13 - Bad Luck Noobdevils*
  • 15 - Best Bad
  • 20 - Noobins
  • 50 - Slaves*

Requires lollersheets and a lolcrafting set

  • 1 - Lollergloves (1 lollersheet)
  • 2 - Lollerhats (2 lollersheets)
  • 5 - Lollerboots (3 lollersheets)
  • 10 - Loljackets (5 lollersheets)
  • 15 - Lolpants (5 lollersheets)
  • 20 - Lollerarmor (10 lollersheets)
  • 30 - Lollerplax (15 lollersheets)*
  • 35 - Lollercars (15 lollersheets)
  • 35 - Lollertrains (15 lollersheets)*
  • 40 - Lolairplains (20 lollersheets)*
  • 40 - Lolships (20 lollersheets)*
  • 45 - Lollerskates (25 lollersheets + 2 noobs)
  • 50 - ROFLCOPTER (10 lollersheets + 3 noobs + 4 narbs + 18 r-tards)


With a small fee of $20 per week, UnQuest provides Membership. The most popular features of membershappity are:

  • Six times more of the map to explore
  • Two times more of bank size
  • Member items such as
    • Tomaters
    • Tomattos
    • ToMakHus
    • Tommatoes
    • To-ma-toes
    • To to the ma to the toes
    • Toesand piece of poo
    • Enchanted poo tomatoes
  • New Quests including
    • Oscar wants a new hat
    • Sophia's revenge
    • Oprah Slayer

Christianity Quest[edit]

Christianity Quest is the same as Jew Quest (see Below).

Many people clame to play this game but they try to get on with their account but they can't because the christians have clamed copyrights on the name of the game. Many now refer to it as C Quest.

Jesus Plays this game His user is SonOfGod666.

The classes include:



Rabbit Hunter (a famous one going by the name of N1g3l {l4yt0n)





Jaws or as he is known in his homeland big scary grey shark with pointy teeth (stuff)

Super cow

M.r Cadbury

Some fat kid who goes by the name of Peter Jackson

Jew Quest[edit]

Founded in 1952 during Hitlers come back tour in Isreal. Its members are often stereotyped as Nazis although there is the option to play as one of the mighty nothorskin tribe of the jews. The main aim of the Nazgeeks is to protect there m*********f********* foreskins. As you progress in the game your foreskin gradually increases in size until... its the size of YOUR MUM. The nothorskins aim is to eventually cucumsize HITLER. The rest explains itself. The two factions each have a leader. Nazgeeks: HitlersDaughter132843258 nothorskins: Im sleepingwithyourmumtouchingyourchildrenfingeringyouandbehindyourwife

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