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The Anarchical Separatists of Unamerica
The Unamerican World Map
Motto: "Divided they Sit"
Flag Unamerican-flag 1.jpg
Population Communists, Grues, Confederates, Oscar Wilde, Neo-Nazis
Area Vast Tracts of Land... and some ocean too
Form of Government Absolute Communist Anarchist Empire, or whatever is the opposite of what they are.
Capital Ton Ing Wash (roughly translates as "Some Cool Place")
President Amabo Scarab, The Absolute King of The Communist Party of Unamerica
Currency Rallods,Tnecs
Language Something awful and foreign, with far too many consonants
Imports Stuff,american flags (to burn)
Exports Drugs, Social upheaval, drugs, Freedom killing Time Bombs, drugs, SWEET Sweet Oil!, PLAYSTATION 3, Nintendo, Coffee, Soccer, Condoms, Books, Terrorists, Brains, Maps, Uncyclopedia, and drugs

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The Anarchical Separatists of Unamerica (or ASU for short), also known as "That Place Where People Talk Funny", لا الأمريكية, не Америка and 不美国, is the largest economic, political, military, demographic, and drug empire in the world. Its vast superiority makes those nations on its border feeling extremely uneasy and inadequate, forcing constant political, financial, and military intervention at a great cost to their own wellbeing and stability. Although it is definitely anarchist, the ASU does, in fact, have a totalitariano-decentralizedo-big businesso-communo-pinko-Nazio-unchristiano-islamo-fascist-government.

Despite a common belief of being called "the opposite country" by many Americans, Unamerica is not Russia. Because in Russia, the opposite does you, while in ASU, you do the opposite of an opposite. See the difference?


Unamerica was founded this morning by a strong alliance between The Ghost of USSR, the Middle East, Wisconsin, and a bunch of other countries who don't have television, in order to drive back the incessantly annoying country of America and its constant desire to make everyone drive SUVs. by the forces of communilibans and stop the spreading of Americanism once and forever. Its primary objective is to overpower the American empire by the means of economic, political and military sanctions (using such diplomatic knowledge as Russian reversal, Your Mom, and Cuban Cigars). Since this is considered to be the only ambition of the people of this country, and though the future of Unamerica is vague and uncertain, it will oppose America as long as it continues pushing American Microsoft products, and Friends re-runs.

Pretty much nothing else is really known about the history Unamerica, besides the fact that it will, at some point, try to economically and politically conquer the whole world (because the guy traveling through time from the distant future said so). So we would have another country, probably named Ununamerica, attempt to stop the new empire and so on and so forth.


Unamericans are renowned for bieng founded by satin and liberels, and though they generally prefer some form of democratic election it is not unusal for regions to be ruled over by Kings, Communist parties or nobody at all. It is also not unusual for Unamerican leaders to be appointed by the intervention of American CIA or NSA agents. Unamerica's hatred for America has been forgotten due to the Evil snowmen invasion.

Most Unamericans enjoy an extensive free public health and education system, paid for by their crippling income taxes, which are very much like American crippling income taxes except that it is much more of their income and Americans do not receive free public health care or public education. The trillions of American crippling income tax dollars that would have paid for public health care in America are spent in order to cripple Unamericans, a law the snowmen chose to keep. Some Unamericans spend time with their girlfriends in Mexico or Japan.


Great Unamerican Inventions

unGreat Unamericans[edit]

unAmerican pastimes[edit]

  • complaining about America
  • not shaving bodily orifices
  • building mud huts
  • building shit huts
  • building straw huts
  • building shit-straw-mud huts
  • listening to European shitty canned music
  • not listening to American shitty canned music
  • Caring for the enviroment
  • unShitting
  • uneating
  • goatse worship
  • kitten huffing
  • unsex
  • masturbating
  • switzerland
  • Driving clown cars, the smaller, the better.
  • Burning fanny packs.
  • Living in small houses.
  • Playing tiddly winks (or some non-violent game).
  • Eating vegetables.
  • living in tents like idiots
  • drinking tea at 30 degrees celcius

8 librils

unRight Term for "unAmerica"[edit]

Most South and Central unAmericans (notice how they're called unAmericans too, though they don't live in unUS) hate but really hate that the other countries call un'States "unAmerica". This is obviously considered an UnImperialistic UnAmericanism (or "UnUnitedStatesofAmericanism"????) by those who care (which are everyone excepting George W. Jetson, not to be confused with George W. Constanza).

John Lennon on Unamerica[edit]

In 1969 UATV (Unamerica tv) interviewed John Lennon the supposedly founder of the unamerica. Q:Is it true that your the founder of the Unamerica?(UATV) A:Yes me and Elton John started it Q:Why? A:Because they didnt have fish n'chips in America. Q:Do you realize America had a million fans of yours A:Yeah but they didn't have Fish n'Chips. No Fish n'Chips,No life. Q:What hapened after? A: We sent an email to sadam Hussein in that time it wasnt called Unamerica It was called OFnCA(organization for fish n chips in america) we told him that we were against america because they didnt have fish n chips. He said I dont even like fish n chips.but im against America lets create an organization against america and we replied were hippies we want no war so then he created Unamerica. We were the undirect creators of UnAmerica.

thank you for answering our questions. John Lennon kept on playing his concert. The song he played right after was Help!(there is no fish n'chips) one of his number one hits.

Unamerican jokes[edit]

Jokes are very popular in unamerica, here are some examples.

Q: Why there are not coups-d'etat in USA?
A: Because there is not American Embassy there.

Q: How many Americans does it take for changing a light bulb?
A: Nobody knows, they have to call a Mexican because they do not even know how to change a light bulb.

Q: A bunch of New-Yorkers, Texans and Californians are flying, but the airplane crashes in the mountains, who is safe?
A: The humanity.

Q: How do you make the perfect business?
A: You buy an American in what he is really worth, and you sell him in what he thinks he is worth.
A: Better, you sell him by the kilogram.

Q: What is cannibalism?
A: An American eating at Kentucky Fry Chicken.

Q: How do you call a son-of-a-bitch in Unamerica?
A: You do not call him, he comes by himself in spring-break.

Q: What is the scientific name for an open mind American?
A: Compound Skull Fracture.

If you see a rat and an American drowning in a swimming pool. What do you do?, do you read the newspaper or take a coffee?

Q: Why there is not famine in the USA?
A: Because God never punishes twice, being American is punishment enough.

Q: How do you call an American kid under drugs?
A: Future Marine.

One village in Texas had a rumor going around: a girl was found murdered near their village. Fearing a mob attack, the local Mexican workers gathered together. Suddenly, another Mexican came running up, and cried, "Wonderful news, Wonderful news!, The murdered girl was Mexican!"

An old Mexican in California is on his deathbed:
-- "My children, remember to defend the African Americans."
-- "Why African Americans, daddy?"
-- "Because if they are gone, we will be next."

After Hurricane Katrina and the civil disturbances, a government official in New Orleans menacingly addressed some Mexican workers,
-- "I suppose you know in full detail who was behind it."
-- "We have no idea, but the government's conclusion will be the same as always: they will blame the Mexicans and the cyclists", the Mexicans responded.
-- "Why the cyclists?" asked the befuddled official.
-- "Why the Mexicans?" they responded.

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