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February 9: International Tourettes Day

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  • 1012 - Anglo-Saxons tell the Normans to LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS their LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS with a LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS.
  • 1066 - In the Battle of Hastings, LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS happens.
  • 1492 - Christopher Columbus begins his first journey across the Atlantic, and gets LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS.
  • 1812 - Canada and The United States go to LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS war. Nobody notices.
  • 1994 - I was born
  • 2005 - After placing her pen on the table, Keira Knightley was then seen to LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS fall asleep.
  • 2008 - Steve LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS Ballmer plans not to FUCKING KILLâ„¢ people, but to LOOTERS AND POLLUTERSING KILLâ„¢ them instead.
  • 2009 - Dick Cheney dies. LOOTERS AND POLLUTERS.