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June 4: International Deserved Child Abuse Victim Day and International Celebrate Yesterday Day

  • 1452Christopher Columbus outvoted on naming the Santa Maria, "The Shitbag."
  • 1776Thomas Jefferson asks for first two-week extension on the Declaration of Independence.
  • 1863 – Rain causes International Celebrate Yesterday day to be put off until next day; mass confusion results.
  • 1900 – John Jefferson of Oak Ridge, PA awakes from forty-year sleep. Dies of asphyxiation inside coffin.
  • 1942 – The Battle of Midway begins with a surprise attack on Konami. (pictured)
  • 1976 – Americans celebrate bicentennial of Thomas Jefferson asking for his first two-week extension on the declaration of Independence.
  • 1980 – Every child abuse offender was released in Texas due to prison overcrowding and a decline in child abuse.
  • 1989 – Many young people are gleefully beaten, killed, and abused in the Tiananmen Square massacre.
  • 2006 – June 3rd, 2006 is celebrated despite being International Celebrate Tomorrow Day.