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May 13: Much Rejoicing Day (International)

  • 28Jesus come home drunk at 3.45 in the morning, Mary wants him out of the house and get a job. There is much rejoicing.
  • 29The Virgin Mary loses her virginity to the god from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". There is much rejoicing.
  • 402Aliens land in South America, planning to meet up with the Aztecs but are several hundred years too early. There is much rejoicing by the Aztecs.
  • 932 – Due to the strong Winter, Arthur and his men were forced to eat Robin's minstrels......and there was much rejoicing.
  • 1568 – The forces of Mary Queen of Scotch are defeated by Irish Whiskey freedom–fighters. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1776America is founded by Stephen Colbert. Ironically, he ventures on to making satire comments about himself. Obama is fucking pissed but who gives a damn? There is much rejoicing.
  • 1840 – Aliens land in South America again, planning to meet up with the Aztecs but are several decades too late. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1846 – The United Spades of Amerika declares war on Mexico due to a shortage of taco sauce. There is some rejoicing, but not enough to be classified as "much" rejoicing.
  • 1917 – Three peasant children claim to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary near Fatima, Portugal. They deny it has anything to do with the marijuana they found growing there. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1958 – John Velcro rubs a balloon on his head, sticks it to the wall. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1966 – A Belgian boy described as a hero in a legendary prophesy is born. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1968 – The Belgian boy described above dies of an HIV infection. There is still much rejoicing.
  • 1969 – The Malays decided Chinese people should go back to their homeland (Tibet) and started killing them. About a billion Chinese people were sent to the hospital where they were actually killed because most hospitals at that time were operated by Malays. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1973Prince Charles officially opens the first Kitten Molestation Contest. There is much rejoicing.
  • 1992Sharon Stone gets laid on TV for the first time in history. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2003Saturday Night Live is still on the air, despite protests and an economic blockade by Cuba. There is little rejoicing.
  • 2002 – Keith Richards dies for the 38,763rd time. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2004 – May 13, 2005 is celebrated on May 13,2004 by the National Time Travelers Club. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2005 – The god from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" sues eBay claiming that Virgin Mary on the grilled cheese sandwich that was sold for $80,000 was not a virgin after all. In a remote town in southern Zimbabwe, there is much rejoicing.
  • 2008Dave Chappelle is sueing the Queen of England for using his copyrighted word BYAH. Howard Dean isn't amused either for he wanted to be the only one in politics saying it. James Madison returned to the throne as the President of the United States. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2010 – Nuclear missiles are finally launched at Finland. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2012 – People rejoice. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2525 – I finally find my house keys. There is much rejoicing.
  • 2840 – Humans prove that their Civilization–Location–Time estimation technology is better then the Aliens. There is much rejoicing.
  • Circa 5600 – The universe exploded due to too much rejoicing. There is much rejoicing.