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Note: This topic is at the top of the page because it has been deemed important.

Below are questions we've been asked so many times that we've lost count--and will probably go insane if we're asked again. Read and be educated. User:Hinoa/sig7

Q: Can you help me with this article?

A: If you're looking for help with content and/or making your article funnier, then you should go to Pee Review. Any other help with articles is fair game for here.

Q: Why was my article deleted?

A: That's probably because it sucked. Take a look at HTBFANJS and BGBU for tips. If you really think the article shouldn't have been deleted, look at the huff log for the admin that deleted it. Usually they leave a reason there. If they don't (or you aren't satisfied with the reason given), you can leave a message on their talk page.

Q: How does one become an admin here?

A: Every month, the present admins vote on whether or not we need more admins. If they do, then the whole VFS machine is started up. Users nominate other users, then vote on them in the first phase, and then admins take the highest-ranked nominees from that phase and further vote on them. The (un)lucky nominee(s) with the highest number of votes at the end of that phase become admin, with all the gruntwork it entails. Specifics can be found at UN:VFS.

Q: Cool. Can I be an admin?

A: NO. Did you read any of that?

Q: How do I make a subpage of my user page?

A: Simple. Just go to your user page, and type a forward slash at the end of the address. Anything you type after that will be the title of your subpage. Go to that page and get to work. Alternatively, you could type User:<username>/<subpage> in the search bar to the left, where <username> is your username and <subpage> is the name of the subpage you want to make.

Q: How do I insert pictures?

A: Follow the basic template of [[Image:<imagename>|<align>|thumb|<size>px|<caption>]]. <imagename> is the name of the image you want to include, including its extension, <align> is where you want the picture to be aligned (left, right, that sort of thing), <size> is how big you want the picture to be in pixels, and <caption> is the caption you want to add to it. Note that anything right of the first | symbol can be left out. Note, however, that this only applies to images that have been uploaded to Uncyc.

Q: Okay, then, how do I upload pictures to Uncyc?

A: Click this link and follow the directions from there. However, you must have an account to do so.

Q: How do I make an account?

A: Click here or on the link in the upper right corner of the page and follow the directions.

Q: How do I add my article to a category?

A: Add [[Category:NameOfTheCategory]] at the bottom of the article.

Q: How do I make links, redirections and such?

A: See The Beginner's Guide.

Q: How do I make one of those fancy sigs you guys have?

A: Todd Lyons has a pretty good explanation of how to do so here.

Q: Who's BENSON? Euroipods? Fisher Price? What's your thing with Oscar Wilde? What's the meaning of AAAAAAAA!?

A: See Uncyclopedia:In-jokes.

Q: Are you done yet?

A: Mostly. Check the out The Beginner's Guide and our Help section for more.

Q: Theoretically, as long as this page exists, shouldn't these questions be asked less and less frequently?

A: Shut up.

Q: How do I remove or delete my account

A: ?