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Here on Uncyclopedia, sometimes we get articles that have a great idea behind them. Sometimes they are not finished or the execution is poor. Please help execute these articles. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Anyway, a comment shows up next to each article to help you decide which one you want to work on. Or maybe not, I really have no idea what I'm talking about...

|- |Ninja Attack Machine Gun Frosty/6 | |width="20%"|Why?:Ninja Attack Machine Gun Frosty/62007-02-24 16:51:48 |- |Strange but untrue/Fresh air | |width="20%"|User:Strange but untrue/Fresh air2007-05-19 17:31:27 |- |NoIdeas | |width="20%"|2007-06-29 21:42:15 |- |If We All Vote For Each Other, Then Everybody Wins: A Communist's Guide to Democracy |Taking the piss out of communism and its views |width="20%"|2008-08-25 17:55:50 |- |My Life as a String Bassist |The tragic story of a string bassist, revealed at last! |width="20%"|2008-10-30 15:55:06 |- |Britney Spears To Write Children's Book | |width="20%"|UnNews:Britney Spears To Write Children's Book2009-03-05 18:33:03 |- |Write a Typical American Article | |width="20%"|HowTo:Write a Typical American Article2009-08-02 16:37:00 |- |Happytimes/Temples/Rewrite | |width="20%"|User:Happytimes/Temples/Rewrite2010-04-02 06:13:53 |- |Make Up European Countries |Making up European countries is a much loved pastime all over the globe, especially in Kakoslovakia and Fookanslavia, where it's the national sport. |width="20%"|2010-12-23 19:54:12 |- |Dry |a term referring to specific areas or jurisdictions has several meaning - all which have to do with the prohibition of certain beverages. |width="20%"|2011-01-20 19:21:48 |- |Original sin |Original sin is a concept in Christianity based on the idea that if you are going to do something wrong, at least you should do something nobody has done before. |width="20%"|2011-01-24 22:06:24 |- |Science Dictionary | |width="20%"|2011-02-02 19:14:33 |- |Tsar Wars |"Tsar Wars is a series of educational movies detailing the history of the Russian Revolution directed by George Hamilton". Star Wars meets Russian rulers! |width="20%"|2011-02-03 18:42:27 |- |Holodeck |Created in 2866, The Holodeck is a device initially invented for the purpose of enacting 3-dimensional porn |width="20%"|2011-02-16 16:28:05 |- |Euclid |Euclid is widely considered to be the Dutch uncle of geometry |width="20%"|2011-02-22 19:16:11 |- |Hallowed Book | |width="20%"|2011-03-30 19:20:01 |- |My God is Better Than Your God, and I Can Prove It |Amusing reasons the Judeochristian God is the superior deity, I guess |width="20%"|2011-03-30 20:44:20 |- |Winn Dixie |Winn Dixie is a second rate Operating System software written by the Microsoft Corporation for prospective customers in southern United States. |width="20%"|2011-04-06 19:49:05 |- |My cat has gas |Does your cat stink? |width="20%"|2011-06-22 23:37:08 |- |Occam's Razor (blade) |Occam's Razor - the amazing razor designed for philosophers everywhere! |width="20%"|2011-07-05 22:51:09 |- |Telegram | |width="20%"|Telegram2011-07-16 19:25:27 |- |Postwhore | |width="20%"|2011-12-16 20:45:06 |- |Gurgling | |width="20%"|2011-12-16 20:45:15 |- |Kami (Takalani Sesame character) | |width="20%"|2011-12-16 20:45:37 |- |Raufarhöfn | |width="20%"|2011-12-16 20:45:54 |- |Union of Concerned Scientists | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:31:58 |- |Osprey | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:33:17 |- |Trench coat | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:33:33 |- |Triagram | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:33:46 |- |Comic strip | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:33:57 |- |Empire of Nova Doomia | |width="20%"|2011-12-20 17:44:02 |- |Poster child | |width="20%"|2011-12-21 15:40:54 |- |Lactose | |width="20%"|2011-12-21 15:52:59 |- |Suicide by boasting | |width="20%"|2011-12-21 16:54:26 |- |Baba |Baba is a colloquial term used to represent certain classes of Indian Saints. Babas transcend the boundaries of religion and root-canal their ideas in mathematically normalized Vedic philosophy |width="20%"|2012-02-15 21:57:42 |- |Scams |The scam was invented by Nigerians at roughly the same time as the internet was introduced to Africa |width="20%"|2012-02-15 23:11:33 |- |Poopsmiths |UN:Poop? Or something else... |width="20%"|2012-02-15 23:16:22 |- |New England Journal of Temporal Research |A quarterly journal based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that publishes a selection of academic and research papers concerning time travel. |width="20%"|2012-02-16 00:15:01 |- |Brest, France |Another pun article. Have these gone out of style yet? |width="20%"|2012-02-16 01:11:34 |- |Manifold |A Manifold is a creature that hides in a dimensional space that preys on math majors. |width="20%"|2012-02-16 01:25:25 |- |Creation Museum |an ACTUAL museum about creationism that exists in Kentucky |width="20%"|2012-02-22 21:58:49 |- |A stone in front of the door |An anti-burglary device and techological breakthrough for the Middle Ages! |width="20%"|2012-02-22 22:08:21 |- |Curacao |A pretty big "rock" right next to the smaller "rock" called Aruba. |width="20%"|2012-02-23 01:20:01 |- |Scotch egg |The Scotch egg is a weapon first used during the crusades. It consisted of an egg, soaked in scotch and then ignited. |width="20%"|2012-02-23 20:20:55 |- |Hope |"Hope is the name of a flower common to the Isle of Man". The normal idea written about a flower. |width="20%"|2012-02-23 21:48:48 |- |Computer Religion |One for those religious about their computing |width="20%"|2012-02-23 23:15:35 |- |Blankety Blanks |The show was centred around filling in the ____. The ____ Graham Kennedy would ____ a ____ to the panel who would _____ him. |width="20%"|2012-02-23 23:43:53 |- |Prawnography |Little is known about this fishy taboo above the sea level. Prawnography however, is a multi-billion oyster a year business |width="20%"|2012-02-24 00:34:15 |- |Kronos |If you know God of War (the video game) you will know this guy |width="20%"|2012-02-24 00:51:07 |- |Red China |Parody of Chinese politics |width="20%"|2012-02-24 00:56:00 |- |Cocking |Several things claim to hold the title of "cocking"; whether the act of shamelessly readying a crossbow or gun or operating a rooster farm as opposed to a chicken farm due to discrepencies caused by idiocy (see Netherlands) however cocking is quite simply the act of forcing cock into something with two or more close walls |width="20%"|2012-02-24 16:09:29 |- |Golden ratio |The golden ratio, and many other things we thought were flawed, is/are perfect! |width="20%"|2012-02-24 18:04:32 |- |Salmon Ella |a Salmon dish eaten by native americans, canucks and occasionally, Edwina Curry |width="20%"|2012-02-27 22:15:40 |- |Pay-per-view |Is one of the worst ways to obtain pornography; the charges cannot be disputed with your credit card company and the logs may be saved in a publicly accessed queue |width="20%"|2012-02-28 00:43:13 |- |White Power |A Parody mixing Bread and racial politics. "the idea that all those who eat only white bread will some day take over the world" |width="20%"|2012-02-28 01:12:05 |- |Earth Ball |Assuming that the world is not round... "The Earth Ball is an anachronistic theorem that the world is shaped like a ball. Fans of the flat earth society will like this one. |width="20%"|2012-02-29 01:18:14 |- |Centerfold |A centerfold is a topological transform of glossy paper that increases the available surface area for the depicting of naughty pictures. |width="20%"|2012-02-29 04:00:41 |- |Paedophobia |defined as the rational fear of children. It is often characterized by an avoidance of all things related to children. |width="20%"|2012-02-29 04:18:31 |- |Confederacy of Independent People |America's inspiration to become an actual government. |width="20%"|2012-02-29 21:44:46 |- |Armin Meiwes |He was the guy who found and ate a voluntary victim he found via the internet. "Born in Germany, Armin Meiwes is one of the greatest chefs of the XXI century" |width="20%"|2012-02-29 22:07:56 |- |Really, really, really gay |Are you Gay enough to finish this? |width="20%"|2012-03-01 00:05:48 |- |Snooping |Snooping is what you do when your neighbour has an interesting life and you don’t. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 00:07:27 |- |Boner |"Boner is a reference to the failed coup of The Joker to harass Gotham City" ... No need to be a dick about it, this is a good idea. A few different concepts going on, just needs a bit more of an erection) |width="20%"|2012-03-01 00:28:28 |- |Ex-boyfriend |the ex-boyfriend is a subspecies of the human male ( Imbiliciis Moronii a. Prickus ), known for once having been your boyfriend before he left you for another girl |width="20%"|2012-03-01 00:30:18 |- |Microsoft Political Assistant |A program created by that strange company, Microsoft that is only released to members of the government. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 00:39:21 |- |The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones |An over-hyped film which promises everything but delivers nothing. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 21:18:55 |- |Killer Africanized Giant Fighting Desert Lobster |Zany work about the loathsome creature that tastes great with beer and melted butter. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 21:31:48 |- |Thai |Commonly misspelt as tie, is a rope that is around the necks of people who like to wear casual clothes. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 21:40:59 |- |That 1870's Show |Parody of That 70's Show |width="20%"|2012-03-01 21:45:34 |- |Women spies |Women spies have always had a big advantage over male ones, due to the handy gap between the breasts which secret notes can hide in. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 21:54:48 |- |Asthma |Asthma is ... (wheez) (cough) a ... (wheez) (cough) resp ... (wheez) (cough) I ... (wheez) (cough) need ... o_o' |width="20%"|2012-03-01 22:55:14 |- |Fucked Up Wrasslin' Vol 1 |WWE gone completely... Well, fucked up. |width="20%"|2012-03-01 23:36:10 |- |Mach 3 Triple Bladed Katana |The Mach 3 Triple Bladed Katana, sold at quality samurai supply stores everywhere under the slogan "The best a samurai can get" |width="20%"|2012-03-02 15:42:55 |- |Corruption |Corruption being the reason many words change (being corrupted) over time |width="20%"|2012-03-02 16:00:01 |- |Starlight Express |Starlight Express is a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The twist towards this musical is that the whole cast are trains and that they are on skates. Experts say that Webber was likely on LSD when he wrote it. |width="20%"|2012-03-02 16:28:40 |- |Bell |The bell is an assault weapon, vaguely resembling a pear. |width="20%"|2012-03-02 19:33:21 |- |The Empire |Somewhere between Star Wars and Politics |width="20%"|2012-03-02 19:57:28 |- |War on War |Political piece mocking the war on terror, and general policies of war. |width="20%"|2012-03-02 20:04:23 |- |Lists on a Page |Uncyc Meta humour about lists |width="20%"|2012-03-02 21:12:59 |- |Porn star |A page about a just-discovered star with a name that is almost dear to many hearts. |width="20%"|2012-03-03 00:43:21 |- |Lushotology |The only religion, other than Mormonism, that believes in total intoxication. |width="20%"|2012-03-06 22:22:58 |- |Fucking everything |Fucking everything is an idealistic goal held both by hard-core nihilists and various horniness advocacy movements. Like world peace, it is complex in its interpretations and fascinating in its inspiration of free love. Generally, it is agreed to refer to a theoretical future condition whereby all persons and things have been fucked. |width="20%"|2012-03-06 23:04:02 |- |The Theory of Evolution |Some people believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, others have their own beliefs, but the most interesting "Theory" that I have heard of involves lots and lots of beer. |width="20%"|2012-03-06 23:53:09 |- |Lazy Object Oriented Programming |OOP for the truly lazy |width="20%"|2012-03-07 00:13:04 |- |Kyoto |Is hidden deep under the Earth's crust, where it is still warm. |width="20%"|2012-03-09 15:31:42 |- |Tsunami |Derived from the Japanese words "nami" for wave and "tsu" for Run like hell |width="20%"|2012-03-09 15:58:43 |- |Tae-Kwon-Do |Tae-Kwon-Do or as the French would like us to refer to it as "le poulet frite" was a form of the martial arts which started the 100 year war between Britain and France. |width="20%"|2012-03-09 17:07:53 |- |System administrator |Innocent geeks are attached to machines with chains. Their task is to verify that no bit in computer memories suddenly flips by effect of Quantum cheddardynamics. |width="20%"|2012-03-09 18:16:08 |- |Gal |If you lived in the starched pinafore and perfect updos 1950s, a "Gal" is a woman. |width="20%"|2012-03-09 18:20:47 |- |Misconception |The term misconception refers to any act of sexual intercourse in which conception does not occur |width="20%"|2012-03-09 19:49:08 |- |Famous Canadians | |width="20%"|2012-03-09 20:19:33 |- |Oak | |width="20%"|2012-03-09 20:34:09 |- |Nigerian Money Scam |Deadpan, serious style article about African politics |width="20%"|2012-03-12 22:40:22 |- |Puppeteer | |width="20%"|2012-03-13 23:14:15 |- |Sausage roll |Sexual innuendo but with... sausages? That can't be right, lemme check that again... yeah, sausages. |width="20%"|2012-03-14 01:52:23 |- |Viewers Like You |Viewers like you are probably people you don't ever see. No one ever sees viewers like themselves for two reasons... |width="20%"|2012-03-14 19:49:22 |- |The Cheese String Theory Incident |String Theory meets cheese |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:47:46 |- |Rambling |Rambling is basically like this one time from ages ago where this guy I went to school with, called, erm, oh god what was his name? You know, he was that blond guy... |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:50:57 |- |Solidarity |Solidarity was a Scottish political party that is commie rats socialists that believed that everyone must have common goals and love Tommy Sheridan. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:52:30 |- |Goat lactation |The basis for the international drink known as beer and also some specialty toast spreads such as marmite and vegemite. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:58:20 |- |Taliban reunited |Taliban Reunited is a portfolio of terrorists websites based around the themes of reunion with former friends, dating and cow-hunting. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:59:46 |- |Technophilia |Technophilia is the perversion of the sexual drive that lead apparently inoffensive people to seduce and later have sex with small computers. Technophiles usually prowl outside Silicon Valley and try to seduce notebooks and palm appliances with gifts and sweet words. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 11:59:46 |- |Grey Cup |The Grey Cup was once the legendary chalice of Jesus Christ. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 12:01:03 |- |Rasputin's Penis |Do you know the whereabouts of his penis? |width="20%"|2012-05-25 12:02:45 |- |G-spot |After being lost for eons and eons The G-spot has been found.... the G-spot geographically south of the equator hidden inside a cave-like structure surrounded by dense bushland. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 12:10:57 |- |So, you woke up next to a hooker: a guide to general etiquette |You never know when you might need this. Written in a serious style. |width="20%"|2012-05-25 12:12:34 |- |Die Hard II |Die Hard is an expression uttered by beings who find it hard to die |width="20%"|2012-05-26 03:40:05 |- |Ninjewtsu |'Ninjewtsu is the techniques used by the ninjew. |width="20%"|2012-05-26 03:49:55 |- |Operation Tardharvest |A parody of Organ transplantation |width="20%"|2012-05-26 03:55:09 |- |International Society of Procrastinators |Don't procrastinate! Edit this! |width="20%"|2012-05-26 04:34:12 |- |Highwayman |about highways, and the men who rob/patrol them |width="20%"|2012-05-27 01:28:43 |- |Incredibly Obscure Japanese Video Game |A parody of Japanese video games, and the fact that Wikipedia has to have an article on bloody everything. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 03:21:28 |- |Sci-Fi |Sci-fi, or Saince ficshun, is a series of books and movies written by the oompa loompa George Lucas. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 03:41:01 |- |Wooden branch with slight bend |How much fun can you have with such an important subject? |width="20%"|2012-05-27 03:51:28 |- |Reliant Astrodome |The Reliant Astrodome (which is a lie, as it's very un-reliable) is a stadium/mothership in Houston, Arkansas |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:26:59 |- |English with a Swedish accent |Written in the style of The Swedish Chef from the Muppets |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:29:37 |- |Let me just say one thing... |A first-person narrative of an angry husband confronting his wife's lover. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:33:56 |- |Front bum |an Elizabethan military rank that featured prominently in both the Napoleonic Wars and I Love Lucy. Traditionally a forward leading infantry position... |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:41:07 |- |Space is minty fresh |The Hubba Bubba Space Telescope has confirmed one fact not anticipated by either classical or relativistic physics |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:42:47 |- |Union Jack |The flag of Great Britain and is often used in racist slogans, as fuel for fires and as quilts for the homeless, but not always, it does have its more useful sides as well. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:54:24 |- |Polar Islamiah |Polar Islamiah is an arctic extremist militant group dedicated to establishing a united, snowy, Islamic world for all... except the Infidels, they get blown up. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:57:45 |- |Bumper sticker |Bumper Stickers were first invented in 1967, predating phones, as a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to the postal service. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 04:59:55 |- |Prime minister |In Mathematics, a prime minister is a minister which is the product of only two other ministers: itself and one. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 05:03:52 |- |Macbook Air |Macbook Air is a cocktail of synthetic pheromones MacBooks emit into the air which render people in the vicinity of a Mac to be docile and yet insufferable towards Windows users. |width="20%"|2012-05-27 05:05:12 |- |Radio control |If you are a fan of RC, you will understand |width="20%"|2012-05-27 12:43:10 |- |Bitzy |A specific type, or in the figurative sense, genre, of humanoid horse |width="20%"|2012-05-27 13:00:04 |- |Windows Live Uncyclopedia Portal |Only run a Windows Live Uncyclopedia Portal on Windows Vsita Ultimate |width="20%"|2012-05-27 13:06:13 |- |Nunja |Nun plus ninja. Yeah, that'll work. |width="20%"|2012-05-28 00:52:25 |- |GenCon |GenCon is a semi-biannual (during alternate Augusts only) gathering of leaders of the various tribes of geeks, nerds, gamers, dweebs, booth babes, and violent merchandisers. During the four-day event, attendants play non-stop, Red Bull-enhanced marathon games... |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:01:39 |- |Nobel Peas Prize |The Nobel Peas Prize was created by hardcore gangsta rappers The Black Eyed Peas to honour individuals who have farted during times of international crisis to reduce global tension. |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:01:47 |- |Popov index |Named after the famous German professor of inebriation the Popov Index of an intoxicating substance may be calculated thusly: Where is present drunkenness, is intoxicability, is quantity consumed, and the time elapsed before first piss. |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:02:07 |- |New Wave |When was it okay to make fun of 80's music??? |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:03:38 |- |Money tree |The money tree is a tree species that, in place of the usual leaves as found on other trees, is foliated with paper money |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:16:18 |- |AAS |The A.A.S. (Anti-Acronym Society), believe the T.L.A. (Three Letter Acronym) is a V.S.T. (Very Silly Thing) |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:16:32 |- |Whatchamacallit |It's a thinngymegig kinda type thing/stuffs. You know, one of those. |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:20:20 |- |FUBAR |This is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition and needs your help. |width="20%"|2012-05-28 13:25:41 |- |Raptose Intolerant |If you hate RAP, this is for you. |width="20%"|2012-05-29 00:29:34 |- |Chris Chocola |"He believes that the role of a Congressman is a full-time position playing the 18-hole "Blue" course at the Congressional Country Club" |width="20%"|2012-05-29 00:53:28 |- |Negroxide |Negroxide (IPA: /ætˈlæntə/ or /ətˈlæntə/) is a chemical element that has the symbol Neg and atomic number 69. |width="20%"|2012-05-29 02:27:23 |- |Deathslot™ |a patented technology that TV Companies use to cancel shows. |width="20%"|2012-05-29 03:59:01 |- |P Platers |Recently passed your test or hate new drivers? |width="20%"|2012-05-29 03:59:42 |- |Pocari |The Pocari (Smurfis pocaria) is a small mammal found primarily in urban Japan. |width="20%"|2012-05-29 04:13:49 |- |Reverb factory |One for music fans. "The Reverb Factory is most well known for producing large amounts of Reverb, and for being the last industrial site in Britain to adhere to the codes of management... |width="20%"|2012-05-30 00:40:00 |- |Marbury v. Madison |Marbury V. Madison is the name of America's first Supreme Court Chief Justice, a renowned Judge famous for outlining almost all of America's court rules and laws |width="20%"|2012-05-30 01:31:44 |- |Hemp |Written by a Hippie! "Yo, dude, do you want to sign this petition? Proposition 505, legalizing hemp production in Oregon?" |width="20%"|2012-05-30 03:59:57 |- |Peter Chin |The Asian Fonzie? |width="20%"|2012-05-30 11:43:18 |- |Lazy Programming |Lazy Programming is a real coding style, this takes it all the way! |width="20%"|2012-05-30 12:25:54 |- |UnScripts:60 Minutes Special: Romeo and Juliet | |width="20%"|UnScripts:60 Minutes Special: Romeo and Juliet2012-05-30 13:55:36 |- |Worst 100 Reasons to Become a Christian of All Time |need about 30 or 40 more... |width="20%"|2012-05-31 05:09:24 |- |Non-Smoking |Non-smoking is the new way of being a nonconformist. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 05:12:30 |- |Revised Romanization of Korean |The main purpose of Revised Romanization is to make Korean even more incomprehensible and unpronounceable to those who are not native Korean speakers. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 09:16:50 |- |Enzyte |You'd sooner get a bigger penis if you put your thumb up your ass and tried to fart. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 09:16:55 |- |Space Elves | |width="20%"|2012-05-31 09:37:11 |- |Inkjet printer |If you have ever had trouble with your printer, this one is for you. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 11:09:05 |- |Pants theorem |Also popularly known as "the source of evil theorem", is widely used to explain disturbances in the cosmos and in textile manufacturing |width="20%"|2012-05-31 11:10:46 |- |Gail Porter |Uses puns on Gail's name being like the type of strong wind. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 14:42:34 |- |Wal'NTlet |The Wal'NTlet is a wallet in the form of an animal and will protect your money, credit cards and all your other stuff. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 15:14:53 |- |The grand unified theory of everything |One for the philosophers... |width="20%"|2012-05-31 16:01:59 |- |Dog Goo |Dog Goo is the residue left behind after applying a massive centrifugal force on a dog. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 16:08:17 |- |The Raccoons |Famous character Raccoon Bert actually had super powers. |width="20%"|2012-05-31 16:16:28 |- |Cremationism |Parody of creationism |width="20%"|2012-05-31 16:21:12 |- |Andrewfinn/British Legion |A terrorist organization comprised of elderly pensioners. |width="20%"|2012-06-28 06:55:00 |- |Contradiction | |width="20%"|2012-07-12 04:01:48 |- |Guitar tablature |Guitar tablature is a method of sending secret messages in code. |width="20%"|2012-07-18 20:58:59 |- |The Five Pillars of Islam |The Five Pillars of Islam are a popular Muslim boy band and dance group |width="20%"|2012-08-13 07:37:45 |- |Plushophilia |Plushophilia is the sexual and/or romantic attraction to stuffed animals. |width="20%"|2012-08-24 01:47:25 |- |Illogical Logic | |width="20%"|2012-08-30 07:17:35 |- |The Emperor of the Sun |spoof of The Emperor's New Groove |width="20%"|2012-09-02 03:53:31 |- |Brother Bear |Basic bashing of one of Disney's current lame films, simplified the story beyond all simpleness. |width="20%"|2012-09-02 21:25:17 |- |Determinism | |width="20%"|2012-09-03 05:21:23 |- |Tallinn 2020 Summer Olympics Bid |According to Pee Review, "A region totally unprepared to host the Olympics putting in an Olympic bid... and communicating their unpreparedness through their assertions that they actually are prepared". |width="20%"|2012-09-03 07:40:48 |- |Steak & Blow Job Day |Finally, a holiday Santa would be proud of. |width="20%"|2012-09-03 08:46:07 |- |Libertarianism | |width="20%"|2012-09-06 05:00:54 |- |Exploding Peasants |The Exploding Peasant is a long-standing, inexpensive form of warfare. |width="20%"|2012-09-07 01:24:21 |- |Vera Lynn | |width="20%"|2012-09-07 06:13:36 |- |The worst idea ever |would be to not edit this article! There is a good concept behind this one, it just needs a little more work |width="20%"|2012-09-10 07:19:44 |- |Belly dancing |Belly dancing (belyora insocumdancia) is a horrifically entertaining act on which people or animals dance upon the stomach of another person. |width="20%"|2012-09-11 03:19:26 |- |The Socratic Four |Socrates and Plato had a band you know... |width="20%"|2012-09-11 04:08:29 |- |UnScripts:Minutes to the First Annual Dead Babies Convention | |width="20%"|UnScripts:Minutes to the First Annual Dead Babies Convention2012-09-11 05:26:37 |- |Unspoiled Virgin |An Unspoiled Virgin is an extraordinarily uncommon breed of female humans, almost never occurring in nature for more than thirteen years (five in Japan if they're lucky |width="20%"|2012-09-11 05:42:35 |- |Mattityahu/Confidence | |width="20%"|2012-09-28 07:17:34 |- |List of lists which do not contain themselves |clever logical fallacy... it's way more funny than I made it sound |width="20%"|2012-09-29 16:28:34 |- |The Stork |Frequently in Western culture The Stork is used to divert talk about child birth, The Stork is actually the American Demi-god of child birth and as such delivers those in need of children upon lavish payment. |width="20%"|2012-11-19 09:03:14 |- |Proofreading Service | |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service | |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service |text |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service | |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service | |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service |your_text_here |width="20%"| |- |Proofreading Service |your_text_here |width="20%"|2013-02-17 06:58:49 |- |Missing Lynx |The Missing Lynx is a fugitive perused by such people as Charles Darwin. |width="20%"|2013-03-29 20:51:04 |- |Libertarian Party | |width="20%"|2013-12-09 21:08:09 |- |Qwertyitis | |width="20%"|2014-02-19 06:44:18 |- |Strait of Gibraltar |Pun mixing the place with the sexual preference. "The Straight of Gibraltar is the only heterosexual individual in the UK territory of of Gibraltar." |width="20%"|2014-05-07 12:12:47 |- |Mirtha Legrand |If you know Mirtha well, this one is for you |width="20%"|2015-10-17 15:07:53 |- |Article history |Uncyc meta humour… |width="20%"|2015-10-17 16:27:28 |- |Bell Biv DeVoe |Bell Biv DeVoe (or BBD) is a local telephone provider for parts of the United Spades of Amerika that are stuck in the year 1990 |width="20%"|2015-10-17 16:28:52 |- |Pointe Shoe Porn |Started by speakers of Esperanto, who wanted to create porn that would appeal equally to any gender or sexual orientation. |width="20%"|2015-10-17 16:30:08 |- |John Ratzenberger |Cliff from Cheers is the Pope? |width="20%"|2015-10-17 16:30:31 |- |Oprah's Livejournal Club |To be considered for Oprah's Livejournal Club selection, blogs must feature pathetic, poorly written prose, and garishly unreadable layouts. |width="20%"|2015-10-17 16:32:58 |- |KGB (fast food chain) | |width="20%"|2015-10-17 20:09:01 |- |Great Underwear Crisis of 1912 | |width="20%"|2015-10-19 21:51:40 |- |Temperance | |width="20%"|2015-10-20 21:29:00 |- |Baroque Obama | |width="20%"|2015-10-20 22:17:46 |- |Zaglers | |width="20%"|2015-10-20 23:22:37 |- |Warm War | |width="20%"|2015-10-21 21:10:11 |- |Shakedown | |width="20%"|2015-10-21 22:14:47 |- |Release the Monkeys | |width="20%"|2015-10-21 22:47:41 |- |Imminent Death Syndrome | |width="20%"|2015-10-21 22:53:55 |- |Gator | |width="20%"|2015-10-22 23:06:52 |- |Monkey disease | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 14:36:26 |- |Irish ice god | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 15:35:18 |- |Most Super Mega Ultra Powerful Great Supreme Overlord Court of the United States of America | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 15:44:07 |- |Screening | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 16:55:50 |- |Simpleton | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 17:12:35 |- |Meatatarianism | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 17:55:00 |- |Pai Mei | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 20:05:26 |- |Fig Newton | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 20:33:39 |- |The Minutemen | |width="20%"|2015-10-24 20:33:58 |- |Imingham | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:41:40 |- |STL | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:47:29 |- |F-Zero | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:50:53 |- |Donkey farmer | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:51:30 |- |Australian chicks | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:52:51 |- |Dr Alex Holmes | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:53:39 |- |"Better Dead than Red" | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:55:15 |- |Operation Rescue | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:56:15 |- |Ballymartin | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:58:26 |- |Diddly Squitt | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:58:46 |- |Glorbrutrons | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 21:59:34 |- |Optomus Prime | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:09:23 |- |Quantum cryptography | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:10:48 |- |3rd Army-Men War | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:12:03 |- |Colin Kelly | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:12:56 |- |Linoleum | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:13:45 |- |Leroy & Stitch | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:14:21 |- |Al Baxter | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:16:03 |- |Toilet Paper Paradox | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:22:31 |- |Penrhos College, Perth | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:25:50 |- |Afroipods | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:38:38 |- |Disemvoweling | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:50:40 |- |Cash Cab | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 22:56:07 |- |Archaea | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 23:00:42 |- |Farmers Branch | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 23:02:59 |- |Karori Wildlife Sanctuary | |width="20%"|2015-10-26 23:26:16 |- |Homebase | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 22:11:12 |- |The Male Code | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 22:34:13 |- |G. Samuel Blog | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 22:35:38 |- |1 Night in Paris | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 22:53:56 |- |From under a dork's pee | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 22:56:50 |- |Little Caligula's Pizza | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 23:02:19 |- |Will Neal | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 23:15:58 |- |Jew patrol | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 23:30:49 |- |Acetylseryltyrosylserylisoleucylthreonylserylprolylserylglutaminyl- | |width="20%"|2015-10-27 23:37:25 |- |This is not a bomb | |width="20%"|2015-10-28 19:50:55 |- |Russian Alphabet | |width="20%"|2015-10-28 20:00:39 |- |John Montagu | |width="20%"|2015-10-28 20:07:01 |- |Charles Ponzi | |width="20%"|2015-10-28 20:45:43 |- |Evil snowmen | |width="20%"|2015-10-28 21:23:24 |- |Antipsychotic |Antipsychotic, pronounced anti-psi-co-tick, was a specially trained insect which appeared in a number of Alfred Hitchcock horror movies. |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:41:36 |- |Nerv |"Nerv: v. as in to nerv. Marking an Uncyclopedia Article as having poor writing quality" Meta humour about article quality |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:41:53 |- |Rainbow Six |A Mix of the novel written by Tom Clancy, and the British kids show |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:45:27 |- |Maitreya |Maitreya, referred to by his supporters as "Lord of the Rings" and by his detractors as "Lord of the Sweatsocks", describes himself as the Great Teacher |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:45:59 |- |BCU |The BCU or Bladder Control Union is a very wide known association for bladder control. |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:46:21 |- |Smart Bedsheets |Smart Bedsheets are the Precursors to the Famous author Towlie who went on to write his epic Biographical Stub A Million Little Fibres |width="20%"|2015-10-29 21:46:36 |- |Inviso-Wang Shower Curtain | |width="20%"|2015-10-29 22:07:06 |- |IMDb (internet group) | |width="20%"|2015-10-29 22:44:08 |- |Lost (2001 TV series) | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 14:29:01 |- |Comradship | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 16:04:52 |- |BlueJ | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 18:14:16 |- |Mr.Peanut | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 18:28:26 |- |IMDB (internet group) | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 18:39:24 |- |Repressed sexual tension | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 18:46:37 |- |Bladder | |width="20%"|2015-10-31 19:20:24 |- |Rehab |Rehab is a place where you go approxomately 2 years after becoming famous. |width="20%"|2015-10-31 20:19:07 |- |Die Hard |Die Hard is the medical term for death of a male while erect. |width="20%"|2015-10-31 20:28:34 |- |Escape velocity | |width="20%"|2015-11-03 00:17:19 |- |Tobacco Farming | |width="20%"|2015-11-03 00:19:00 |- |Rectangle | |width="20%"|2015-11-03 00:24:01 |- |Bandnames described obtusely | |width="20%"|2015-11-03 00:45:58 |- |Johnny Cash |A smartcard, used pay for entry to any restroom in the North American Union that charges an entry fee. |width="20%"|2015-11-06 00:12:18 |- |Orange Jews |a drink created by Hitler during the 30's. It's Orange juice silly! |width="20%"|2017-02-10 16:56:10 |- |Worst 100 Weapons of All Time | |width="20%"|2017-03-12 15:47:45 |- |Quaviff |"Quaviff: v. as in to quaviff. Marking an Mirror!Uncyclopedia Article as having poor writing quality" Meta humour about article quality |width="20%"|2017-03-16 14:54:22 |- |MAVAV | |width="20%"|2017-05-15 09:56:36 |- |Scooby Gang |The Scooby Gang was a group of Communist Party of China leaders in the People's Republic of China who were arrested and removed from their positions in 1976 |width="20%"|2019-03-16 16:46:52 |- |Backward Words |Drawkcab sdrow era etiuq gnitseretni ni eht yaw taht yeht kool ekil yeht era esnesnon, tub ouy nac krow tuo tahw yeht naem fi uoy sucof no meht yllaer yllaer drah. |width="20%"|2020-12-04 04:56:57