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An article about or described by any of the following can be safely assumed among the category of mandatory articles:

  1. Yourself.
  2. Your band which has about 47 patents and proven scientific theories.
  3. The street your favorite hooker usually works at (except if it is a really boring street).
  4. Any organization which has a photograph of your flaccid member.
  5. Every single Star Trek character ever.
  6. Individual songs. Only okay if it's seventeen minutes long or has led to a phone number becoming unusable. These are the only two criteria that can ever be used for this purpose.
  7. The prison you attend or used to attend.
  8. Your dormant volcano.
  9. Topics that already have an article. Don't use the Search button. Nobody knows what it does, but we all assume that it crashes the Uncyclopedia database.
  10. A second article about every single Star Trek character ever.
  11. Anything, so long as you write so much about it that nobody reads it and thus nobody realizes that it sucks.
  12. Just about everything listed on Uncyclopedia:CVP
  13. For that matter, Uncyclopedia:CVP.
  14. Anything written under the influence of Kitten Huffing or phonics.
  15. An article that advertises your Lame Blog
  16. The 1974 New York Mets.

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