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Here at Uncyclopedia we are constantly striving to improve the overall quality of the articles here. Maintenance tags are just the newest addition to this process. Maintence tags are used to flag an article that isn't so sucky that it can't stay in its current state, but that could really use some attention to bring it up to a level we can be proud of. As a general rule pages that require the attention of the original author use a maintenance tag. Pages that anyone in the community might want to have a stab at can be tagged with {{rewrite}} so that it will be listed for community review.

Additionally, pages that would normally be NRVed if they were submitted today, but which are now quite old, should be marked with a maintenance tag instead of NRV, so that the author has more time to notice that the article has been tagged.

Articles tagged with a maintenance tag are listed in Uncyclopedia:Maintenance and are reviewed by an admin monthly. If an article has been unedited for a month, the admin may determine that it should be deleted.

The current maintenance tags are:

  • Template:Ugly - for pages that need to have their formatting improved. Pages marked with this template are also added to Category:Ugly.