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“I am ME”

~ ME on ME
Me | ME | Scale (music)#Me | Windows Me
Alternative forms of me
You | U | Ü | You failed

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I am the center of the universe.Me is my very best superhero. I am my favorite topic and you ... well, enough about you, but feel free to stand there and applaud or murmur "Uh-hum" or "Yessiree" occasionally.

The rest of the stuff you can read on this site is about other people, so frankly, you can take it or leave it. I didn't write any of the rest of it, so that ought to tell you enough. If I had it my way, or "ME" way, it would be called MEcyclopedia.

Feel free to leave me a tip on your way out.

Please, hold the applause: it's embarassing.

Well, not really.