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Christian logic[edit]

I need a critique on this article.

Foxtrot121 18:23, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|0|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|1|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|2|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|3|1}}comment}}}
: {{{{{#sub:HCPIM|4|1}}comment}}}
Final Score: 36 To summarize, this is a solid article. But it's just too short. You need to expand this, hopefully you'll take some of my ideas into account. Get back to me when you've added some more content, I'd love to give this another looking over.
Reviewer: ~Minitrue Sir SysRq! Talk! Sex! =/ GUNWotMRotMAotMVFHSKPEEINGHPBFF @ 20:28 Mar 1