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<insert image> -02:54, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

I guess I'll do this, but this is a tough one. Also, I removed that image- it messed with the review's formatting, at least according to my preview..--Sir HELPME Talk (more? --> CUN Candidate NOTM USS Pees Stain ) On Wednesday, 01:19, June 09 2010 UTC

Thanks mucho. looks very snazzy, wow good job @

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Final Score: 9 This article needs help; but it's salvageable. Your main fixes:
  • Get a new concept
  • Have all of your satire based on something
  • Fix grammar
  • Lengthen the article

If you do the things suggested in this review, you'll have a much better article, and it will dodge {{Rewrite}} or {{VFD}}. It'll stay here, basically. Good luck, and remember to use HTBFANJS.

Reviewer: --Sir HELPME Talk (more? --> CUN Candidate NOTM USS Pees Stain ) On Friday, 07:44, June 11 2010 UTC