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My latest creation. I've really spent time on this one since I do have a personal relationship with the subject (ive developed an own star trek game as an assignment in a programming class..) Anyway, I feel quite satisfied but then again I've read it and reread it 15 times. I've changed a new thing each time around so any thoughts would be welcomed =) Cheers! --kit 14:05, 20 January 2009 (UTC) p.s I tried to make the text funny for everyone and not only star trek fans/nerds/haters. Not sure I suceeded but sure hopes so.

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Final Score: 30 It has potential to be a good article it just needs pretty much more work on everything. But every article is like that.
Reviewer: GG16 January 21 2009 This is my first review so dun ban meh D: