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  • By continuing to edit Uncyclopedia mirror site, you agree to the following:
    • The use of cookies on the site.
    • If you edit Uncyclopedia mirror without being logged in, your IP address will be recorded in the permanent history of the page you edited.
    • All content you contribute complies with applicable laws of the country of your residence, including local laws.
    • If you want your content removed under EU law, you must contact the site host or an active admin and specify for each edit removed: 1)The page name and URL, along with any applicable file name, 2)The user name or IP address used, 3)The date and time of the edit, and 4)If the user name is not your own or is an IP address, you must give a valid reason for removal. If more than 50 edits are involved, you must contact the site host in writing, with a letter signed by you or your legal agent.
    • You agree that no compensation is due to you for any contributions you make to this site, unless another agreement is made in writing by the host of this site.
    • You agree not to participate in any class-action lawsuits against Uncyclopedia or any of its sister sites.
    • You agree to share contributions made to this site under a Creative Commons license.